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Kenny; BSPH ’92, and Michelle Walkup, BSPH ’92

WalkupKenny, BSPh '93 and Michelle Walkup, BSPh '92 are both graduates of The Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. They recently made a pledge to establish the Walkup Endowed Fund for Excellence in the Practice of Pharmacy Compounding.

Kenny’s experience as an entrepreneur in the compounding area has appreciated the intrinsic rewards accompanying the hard work in building their niche compounding business.
“What’s interesting to me now is to reflect on the things our teachers preached in pharmacy school about the collaborative physician-patient-pharmacist health-care model that was supposed to define modern pharmacy practice,” observes Walkup. “In my current business, I’m fortunate to experience this collaborative model on a daily basis. I have physicians and veterinarians calling me just about every day wanting a recommendation on this, or advice on how to do that, or what would be a good way to administer a medication to a human or animal patient with a specific set of limitations. It’s a rewarding feeling.”
In providing assistance to current and future students, Kenny honors faculty members, alumni and friends who have served as mentors and helped him along his career path and provided the base for his success as an entrepreneur.  

As a beneficiary of the Pierstorf Scholarship at Ohio Northern, Kenny hopes establishing this fund will not only benefit current and future students but also serve to plant the seed for others to provide important support future Polar Bear pharmacists.  

“My ONU education was fantastic - I graduated equipped for the real world. I was the lucky beneficiary of a Pierstorf Scholarship; it made me realize the importance of giving.  Those before me set the foundation that enabled me to attend Northern, and I need to make sure those behind me get the same opportunity.”