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Making Connections: Annual Networking Dinner

Leaders’ Council’s Annual Networking Dinner serves as a starting point for representatives from all campus organizations to meet one another and establish mutually beneficial relationships. Student leaders, advisors and members of ONU’s administration are invited to the dinner to connect with groups with shared interests and goals and to discover new opportunities for successful cooperation. This event is typically held in late September or early October of each academic year, with invitations going out two to three weeks prior, in order for student organizations to maximize the time available to work with their new found connections. The agenda for the dinner includes a speaker from ONU’s faculty and/or staff, an icebreaker, the networking activity, and the acknowledgment of hard work done by various student organizations.

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Networking Dinner Comments:

“It was a great opportunity to meet some new people, exchange ideas, and make new networking contacts.” -Student Leader

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and mingle with student leaders and faculty. It was a bit more relaxed than some events and that allowed for sincere interactions. The program was set up well.” -Student Leader

“I enjoyed the opportunity to know who all was involved in the various activities--especially from the perspective of other advisors on campus.” -Advisor