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ONU Prepares Prison Management Program for Saudi Arabian Professionals

May 14, 2009

Ohio Northern University will begin a two-year prison management certificate program this summer for prison administrators from Saudi Arabia.

Ohio Northern will offer 30 prison management professionals, who already have bachelor's degrees and training, the opportunity to study the English language and criminal justice in Ohio Northern University's Department of History, Politics and Justice.

At Northern, these professionals will study corrections and prison management to learn about and experience "best practices" in the United States and prepare them to provide leadership in reforming their own system when they return to Saudi Arabia.

"We feel this new prison program will be a learning tool not only for the visitors from Saudi Arabia but also for the ONU community. It will also enhance our criminal justice and geographic information system (GIS) programs," said Ellen Wilson, chair of the Department of History, Politics and Justice. "The presence of 30 Saudi administrators can be the greatest benefit ONU receives; an influx of international as well as non-traditional students will certainly enrich our programs."

While at ONU, the students will have formal course work and practical experience opportunities, weekend seminars and many on-site visits with professionals in the field. The program will include an internship, and students will also have the opportunity to study at The Washington Center.

ONU will hire additional ESL instructors, an assistant program coordinator and an interpreter. Many of the visiting professionals will live in campus apartments or in University housing off-campus and be immersed for two years in American culture.