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Students Present Papers at Regional Conference

Ten students from Ohio Northern's History, Politics and Justice Department presented papers on March 21 at the Phi Alpha Theta Ohio Regional Conference in Dayton. ONU's delegation was the largest at this annual conference, which offers students the chance to share their research with their peers.

Andrew Adamus, a senior in history from Erie, Pa., presented his paper on "Andrew Jackson, Nicolas Biddle, and the Demise of the Second Bank of the United States." Matthew Allen, a senior in history from Chicora, Pa., presented "The Death of a Dream: The Disappearance of the Campus Antiwar Movement in 1970." Jason Bauer, a junior in history from Edon, Ohio presented "The Irreconcilables and Senate Rejection of the Treaty of Versailles."

Ashlee Bell, a senior in criminal justice from Clarence, N.Y., presented "The Path to Present Practice: The American Jury System." Lydia Bottoni, a junior in literature from Maumee, Ohio, presented "Cool but Correct - and Covert: U.S. Destabilization of the Allende Regime." Brian Hoefel, a senior in social studies from Akron, Ohio, presented "A Divided House: The Lincoln Douglas Debates and the Election of 1860." Samantha Lewis, a senior in history from Berea, Ohio, presented "Perry vs. Elliot: The Battle over the Battle of Lake Erie."

Patti Stiger, a senior in political science from Bradner, Ohio, presented "William Henry Harrison: Friend of Government." Carol Wilson, a junior in professional writing from Royal Oak, Mich., presented "The Lies of Aaron Burr and the demise of his Western Dreams." Benjamin Wollet, a senior in history from Strongsville, Ohio, presented "Bias in German- and English Language Newspapers in Ohio, 1916-1917."

The event allowed the students to make their presentations before an audience of students and professional historians.

Carol Wilson earned accolades for presenting one of the top papers at the conference. Professor John Lomax, who along with Professor Russ Crawford led the delegation, commented that, "It (Wilson's paper) is one truly fine piece of scholarship, and the panel of external judges who chose it plainly saw its quality."