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Political Science Senior Testifies for Grants for Grads

When ONU senior Abe Jacob was approached by his boss, State Senator Steve Buehrer, to testify in favor of the Ohio Grants for Grads Program, he knew it would be a great opportunity to garner relevant experience for his future.

A political science major, Jacob has been working with Senator Buehrer since his first run for State Senate in 2006. Jacob also job shadowed Senate Buehrer while in high school and has kept in touch throughout the years.

The main focus of the Ohio Grants for Grads Program bill is encourage recent graduates to stay in Ohio and halt the “brain drain” that has been effecting Ohio. Within 60 days of graduation, students with Associate’s, Bachelor’s or post-graduate degrees may enter their names in a lottery. If chosen to receive a loan, students must remain an Ohio resident for at least five years.

“I thought long and hard about testifying. This isn’t something I look at as controversial. I look at is as an opportunity for students to have fewer burdens after college,” Jacob says.

Jacob, a Defiance native, traveled to the statehouse in Columbus to deliver his testimony. He sat in on many committee hearings in the past and felt comfortable with the protocol for answering questions.

“The most valuable lesson I learned from this experience was knowing and having that feeling that once I gave my testimony, I was given the opportunity to help pass this bill through legislation and into law in order to help students like me after graduation,” Jacob says.