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Chemistry Professor Awarded Research Grant

Feb 18, 2009
Dr. Jake Zimmerman, assistant professor of chemistry at Ohio Northern University, has received a $50,000 grant from the American Chemical Society's Petroleum Research Fund (ACS-PRF) through the Undergraduate New Investigators Program.

This funding will support a laboratory research program at ONU over the next two years. The grant money will fund summer research stipends, supplies and equipment. Zimmerman and his research team will pursue groundbreaking research that could lead to applications in the industrial world.

Grants funded through the ACS-PRF support fundamental research programs in the petroleum and energy fields and help develop the next generation of engineers and scientists through support of advanced scientific education.

Zimmerman said, "The grant will also provide funds for the purchase of routine expendables such as chemicals, solvents and other daily supplies. Research in organic synthesis is an expensive endeavor, which is why I have pursued external funding, as I want to ensure that students at ONU have the best opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in synthetic organic chemistry."

Zimmerman's research team will focus on stereoselective tin-free radical reactions. Free radicals are highly reactive, short-lived intermediates and have often been avoided in organic synthesis due to the inability to control them, especially in very selective processes. Therefore, part of Zimmerman's research will focus on controlling these promiscuous free radical intermediates in selective carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions.

"This grant will benefit undergraduate researchers in the department of chemistry and biochemistry in several aspects," Zimmerman said. "First of all, it will allow me to support up to four summer research stipends over the next couple of years. This will lead to more continuity in the research conducted during the academic year and ultimately lead to student co-authorships on manuscripts and presentations at regional and national meetings."
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