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Study Links Burglary Reduction to Increase in Alarms Systems

Seungmug Lee, Ph.D., ONU visiting assistant professor of criminal justice, is author of a study that finds residential burglar alarm systems decrease crime. Researchers at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice in Newark, N.J., analyzed five years of crime data provided by the Newark Police Department.

Lee said, "Data showed that a steady decrease in burglaries in Newark between 2001 and 2005 coincided with an increase in the number of registered home burglar alarms." He added, "The study credits the alarms with the decrease in burglaries and the city's overall crime rate.

"By using sophisticated in-depth research techniques, we were able to eliminate the variables that impact crime rates and focus directly on the impact alarm systems have on residential burglaries."

Lee completed his doctoral degree from Rutgers in 2008.