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Pharmacy Students Visit Lexi-Comp

Sixteen ONU pharmacy students along with Dr. Sekhar Mamidi, assistant professor of pharmacy practice and an advisor of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists, visited Lexi-Comp in Hudson, Ohio, on Friday, Jan. 19.

Lexi-Comp, according to its Web site, is "an industry-leading provider of drug information and clinical content for the health care industry."

Through its Web site and yearly publications, Lexi-Comp publishes information on drug safety and drug interactions that can be helpful to pharmacists, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals across the country.

While in Hudson, the students interacted with Lexi-Comp CEO and founder, Bob Kerscher, who is a 1970 ONU alumnus and current member of the ONU Board of Trustees.

Catherine Taylor, a fifth-year pharmacy student from Powell, Ohio, was one of the students who visited Lexi-Comp.

"We learned about the history of the company, and what they're currently working on," she said. One of the things the company recently launched was a version of their online resources for PDAs and other handheld devices.

"We were given an interactive demonstration on using Lexi-Comp Online, as well as on a handheld device," Taylor said. "It was a great time."