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Dr. Robert Kleine, III

Associate Dean
College of Business Administration
Dicke Hall 120
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

Dr. Robert E. Kleine III is the James F. Dicke Professor of Marketing in the James F. Dicke College of Business Administration at Ohio Northern University. Kleine teaches courses in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, New Product Development, eCommerce, and Market Research. Kleine's internationally recognized research has been published in premier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Research in Consumer Behavior, Advances in Consumer Research, the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences. One of Kleine's articles is designated an "Essential Reading in Marketing" by the prestigious Marketing Science Institute. In December 2007, Kleine was featured as an Educator of Excellence in Ohio magazine. In addition, Kleine led the development of ONU's distinctive multi-disciplinary Pharmaceutical Business Major and serves as the program's coordinator. Kleine received his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of New Hampshire and his doctorate in marketing from the University of Cincinnati.

Professional Experience: 

Kleine served on the faculties of Arizona State University and Miami University (Ohio) prior to joining ONU.

  • PhD, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • BSBA, University of New Hampshire
Teaching Interests: 
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Dicke College Instructional Innovation Asard (2012)
  • George W. Patton Endowed Chair (2004, 2007, 2009) 
  • Robert Ferber Award (for the best interdisciplinary article on consumer behavior based on a doctoral dissertation published in the Journal of Consumer Research, 1992)
  • Educator of Excellence (Ohio Magazine, 2007)


  • 2004, Beta Gamma Sigma
  • 2003, Alpha Mu Alpha
  • 2007 Phi Kappa Phi
Research Interests: 

Kleine's research examines the intersection of self, identity, culture, and consumption. 

Selected Publications: 
  • Kleine, III, Robert E., Susan Schultz Kleine, and Gary J. Brunswick (2009), Tranformational Consumption Choices: Building an Understanding by Integrating Social Identity and Multi-Attribute Attitude Theories, Journal of Consumer Behavior, 8 (1), 54-70.
  • Kleine, III, Robert E. (2008), Remembrance: Jerome B. Kernan (1932-2008), Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (1), 1-4.
  • Kleine, Susan Schultz, Robert E. Kleine, III, and Debra A. Laverie (2006), Exploring How Role-Identity Development Stage Moderates Person-Possession Relations, Research in Consumer Behavior, 10, 127-163.
  • Beltramini, Richard F., Kenneth R. Evans, and Robert E. Kleine, III (2005), “Future Directions for Digital Business Management,” International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 2 (1/2), 1-4.
  • Laverie, Debra A., Robert E. Kleine, III, and Susan Schultz Kleine (2002), “Re-Examination and Extension of Kleine, Kleine, and Kernan’s Social Identity Model of Mundane Consumption: The Mediating Role of the Appraisal Process,” Journal of Consumer Research, 28 (4 March), 659-669.
  • Jacobs, Richard S., Kenneth R. Evans, Robert E. Kleine, III, Timothy D. Landry (2001), "Task and Social Disclosure Reciprocity Within the Sales Dyad:  An Initial Encounter Perspective," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 21(1), 51-62.
  • Kenneth R. Evans, Robert E. Kleine, III, Timothy D. Landry, and Lawrence C. Crosby (2000), "How First Impressions of Customers Impact Effectiveness in an Initial Sales Encounter." Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences, 28 (4 Fall), 512-526.
  • Kleine, Susan Schultz, Robert E. Kleine, III, and Chris T. Allen (1995), "How is a Possession ‘Me' or ‘Not Me?' Characterizing Types and an Antecedent of Material Possession Attachment," Journal of Consumer Research, 22 (December), 327-343.
  • Kleine, Robert E., III, Susan Schultz Kleine, and Jerome B. Kernan (1993), "Mundane Consumption and the Self: A Social Identity Perspective," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2 (3), 209-235.
College of Business Administration

Dicke 121
525 South Main Street
Ada, Ohio 45810
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