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Matt Schimmoeller

MattCoordinating Producer
Media Source
Columbus, OH
2007 graduate BA in Broadcasting & Electronic Media and minor in Public Relations.

Matt talks about the importance of internships. 

"Internships are such a valuable stepping stone in the path to starting your career after college. Learning first hand in a working business environment gives you that on-the-job experience that you can't absorb from a text book. The biggest reward for me as an intern was getting a feel for the work flow, interacting with people engrained in the business, and getting to know how they operate from day to day.

I was incredibly fortunate to intern at Media Source, where I really felt it would be a good place to start my career, but would be satisfied with an incredible intern experience.  I had no idea that they would hire me a whole two weeks after graduting!  Getting your foot in the door, building relationships with professionals in the field; that is what makes internships so valuable. Always prepare yourself to be successful."