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Payroll Information

Welcome to the payroll section of the Office of Human Resources.

We process faculty, staff, student work-study, summer and camp payrolls for the University throughout the year. For employees, we also produce your W-2s at year end. W-2s are now available electronically. If you wish to receive your W-2 electronically, there are three ways to sign up:

  1. First is through your Self-Service Banner portal. Log into Self-Service Banner, click on "Employee Services", then click on "Tax Forms", and then the "W-2 Consent" link. You will see a check box that you click on if you want to receive your W-2's electronically. Please note: you will not receive a confirmation that your option has been selected. To verify you have selected the option for an electronic W-2, please go back to the Self-Service Banner main page, then go back to the "W-2 Consent" page and make sure the checkbox is still checked. 
  2. Complete the "Electronic W-2 Consent Form" found on the Employee Forms page.
  3. Stop by the Human Resources Office and sign an "Electronic W-2 Consent Form"

How to Enroll for Electronic Tax Forms

How to Obtain and Print w-2

If you are a contractor or vendor receiving payment from the University, the Office of the Controller produces and provides 1099s.

Federal law prohibits the University from employing persons who are ineligible to work in the United States. To ensure eligibility, the federal government provides form I-9. It is required that the University has an I-9 form on file for each person employed by the institution. The payroll section of the Office of Human Resources is the repository for all I-9 forms. 

In order to have school district taxes taken out of your paycheck, please make sure to fill out the school district information on the Ohio State Tax form, called the IT-4 form. If you are unsure as to which school district you are in, please click here and you will be re-directed to the Ohio Department of Taxation website. You will need to input your address and then it will tell you the school district name and code.

To Ensure accurate and prompt payment of wages please follow the Department of Labor (DOL) Payroll Guidelines for Non-Exempt Employees and Students below: 

Entering Hours Worked on Timesheet
  • A timesheet is a legal document and is enforced by the DOL under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Therefore, all hours worked must be entered on the day in which they are actually worked.  If a day is missed and the day was not recorded on the employees’ or students’ timesheet, please record the hours on a manual timesheet for the day not recorded.  Entering the hours worked onto the next day or week that is worked could be considered falsification of a timesheet, and in a DOL audit could be terms for fine or penalties for ONU.  The Office of Human Resources always has manual timesheets available for pickup.  Please remember when the completed timesheet is returned to the Office of Human Resources it must include the supervisor’s signature to certify the hours worked.
  • The timesheet timeframe and work week definition begins Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and ends Saturday at 11:59 p.m.
  • All minutes are rounded on any timesheet to the nearest fifteen minute increment. 
  • When an employee submits their timesheet in Self-Service Banner, they are officially certifying their hours worked.  When the employee’s supervisor approves the hours worked, they are also certifying the accuracy of the hours worked.  This is a legal document that is retained within the files contained within the Office of Human Resources.  
Flexing Time in a Work Week
  • Non-Exempt employees at ONU are permitted to flex time within the same work week with the permission of their immediate supervisor.  If the employee is not able to make up the time flexed, then vacation, sick, or personal time must be used.
  • As an example, if an employee needs to leave 30 minutes early on a Monday, they have until Friday within the same week to make up the 30 minutes.  On the employee’s timesheet, the employee would record 30 minutes less on their total hours worked on Monday, and then 30 minutes more on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday when the time is made up. As a reminder, all time flexed must be within a Sunday to Saturday time frame within the same work week.
Proper Recording of Overtime Worked 
  • Non-exempt employees and student employees are eligible for overtime pay when hours worked exceeds 40 hours within a Sunday to Saturday timeframe.  Unless prior authorization is given during the summer or semester break, students are not permitted to work more than 40 hours in a week.  During an academic semester it is suggested that student not exceed 15 hours per week.
  • Employees and students will enter their hours worked as REG hours within the Sunday to Saturday timeframe, and on the day when the total hours for the week exceed 40, then all additional hours would be recorded as overtime hours.  If there are questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources.
  • Budget for overtime must be available within the employee’s departmental budget.  If the department was not awarded an overtime budget in the annual budget process, then the department will need to submit a budget transfer for the overtime and the FICA expense for the total expense.  All budget transfers are received by the Budget Office in Financial Affairs. 
  • Non-exempt employees and students cannot volunteer to work without being paid.  As an example, if the employees or students department is holding an activity on Saturday, and they are asked to be there by their supervisor, this circumstance would require the employee or student to be paid for their work on Saturday.  However, in this circumstance, the supervisor could ask the employee or student to flex time earlier in the week so an overtime situation does not occur.  This will require preplanning on the part of the supervisor, since the flexing of hours worked must be within a Sunday to Saturday time frame.  We recommend that employees proactively communicate with their supervisors as to eliminate overtime.

Student/Support Staff bi-weekly payroll - time sheets submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. of the Monday immediately following the end of the pay period unless otherwise noted on the Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule. The Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule with submission deadlines can be found below.

Faculty/Admin/Staff monthly - changes/adjustments submitted and approved no later than the twentieth day of each month.

If you need to change the approver on a timesheet or leave time report, please click here and complete the "Approver Request Form."

Loss of an immediate family member will require a request for bereavement leave form to be filled out and turned into the HR office.

For the Holiday Calendar, please click here.

All payroll forms, including Extra Earnings forms, can be found on the Employee Forms page.

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