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Forensic Biology Major

The major in forensic biology is a program within the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences. The program is a cohort of courses specifically designed to meet the needs of forensic crime laboratories in the field of forensic biology and follows the recommendations of the Forensic Education Program Accreditation Commission. Student graduating from Ohio Northern University with a major in Forensic Biology have been exposed to the direct application of science relevant to the field of forensic biology including the emerging field of forensic serology and analysis of DNA at the nuclear and mitochondrial levels. The coursework teaches students the actual procedures utilized in the modern forensic laboratory. These approaches, plus productive internships, enable the department to produce graduates prepared for the forensic and biomedical laboratory or graduate programs in the forensic sciences.

The major has two goals: to provide students with a solid foundation in the forensic sciences through a core of four forensic biology courses and to provide a focused and coherent study in the practice of the scientific techniques used to analyze physical evidence found at the scene of a crime with five upper-level forensic courses.

DEGREE OFFERED (sample curriculum & check sheets)
Bachelor of Science with a major in Forensic Biology


  • 10 laboratory classrooms
  • 11 Independent Research Laboratories
  • Animal vivarium facilities
  • Physiological measurements laboratory
  • Cadaver dissection laboratory
  • ONU Metzger Field Station in eastern Ohio
  • "Animal Body Farm"


  • High voltage electrophoresis
  • Automated fingerprint index system (AFIS) workstations
  • Fingerprint fume hoods
  • ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer
  • ABI Thermocyclers
  • Polarizing microscopes
  • Mitochondrial DNA detection systems
  • Comparison microscope systems
  • Luminometers
  • Liquid chromatopgraphy-mass spectrometer
  • Toxi-Lab Drug Detection System


  • Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Beta Beta Beta
  • Biology Student Association


  • Federal and state forensic laboratories
  • Regional forensic crime laboratories
  • Private forensic laboratories


  • University biomedical research centers
  • Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratories (AFDIL)
  • Private forensic testing laboratories
  • Contract research organizations
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