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Design Students Complete Summer Internships

The department of art & design continues to promote the importance of the internship program and recognizes the achievements of our interns. During the 2008 summer term, four students had the opportunity to gain experience at companies such as The Wexner Center for the Arts, Lima Memorial Hospital, The Detroit Studio and The Milan Historical Museum.

Image“One thing that I wanted from an internship experience was to be involved in real work,” said Steve Gill, a graphic design student. He had an opportunity to intern at Lima Memorial Hospital. The internship allowed him to interact and learn from communication and design professionals. He also had an opportunity to meet one-on-one with clients and with printers. “I think this internship taught me real life issues that I will deal with after graduation. I learned a lot about the process of getting a project completed, including how to design under a tight deadline.”

Graduating senior Ashley Hale completed her internship at The Milan Historical Museum, a non-profit organization located just steps from the birthplace of America’s greatest inventor, Thomas A. Edison. “The museum is recognized by the National Trust as a Distinctive Destination,” said Ashley. “I felt that I was well prepared for this internship. I worked on many design projects and a few photographic tasks as well. I had to discuss my work with the director who had to present the final designs to the board members, printers, and trustees. It was an awesome experience knowing that hundreds of people will be holding and reading a piece of marketing you designed!”

“The Detriot Studio in Cleveland is growing and I was excited to be there,” said Arnaldo Jimenez, a senior graphic design major. “My internship allowed me to build my self-confidence. I worked on real world projects and had time to develop a personal Web site. It was great working directly with the top designers of the firm.”

Warhold AdIn Columbus, senior graphic design major Margaret Schmidt worked with the director of design from the Wexner Center. “ I worked on advertising campaigns and a campaign for the upcoming Warhol exhibit. The internship was a valuable experience and allowed me to network and interact with other professionals.”

Recognizing that students learn best when they are truly engaged in hands-on educational experiences, the department of art & design requires internships to complement the classroom education. Each A&D major includes some kind of internship experience, allowing students to select opportunities that best suit their curriculum and career goals. Recent A&D student internships have included a design internship at Walgreens in Chicago, a design internship in Washington, D.C., and a design internship at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.