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Security Presence Increased

Apr 20, 2007

In response to this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech, Ohio Northern University is taking steps to increase security patrols and to inform faculty, staff and students of the university's emergency protocols.

Since 2003, ONU has had a formal, written Campus Emergency Response Manual that addresses situations ranging from weather emergencies to fires to violent crime. These plans are reviewed, tested and updated on a regular basis.

ONU President Kendall L. Baker said, "Ohio Northern has taken proactive steps to prepare for the dangers that face any university. We believe in preparing to the best of our ability, while hoping these emergency plans never need to be used."

As part of that preparation and in response to current events, Dr. Baker said, the university can expect to see an increased presence of local and area police.

University officials point out that ONU's security force, while not a police force, does include individuals who are sworn officers in area police agencies and have the necessary training to deal with crime and other emergency situations on campus.

In case of an emergency, including violent crime, on campus, there are two telephone numbers to be used:

  • 911, which alerts Hardin County officials, and
  • ext. 2222, which alerts ONU security.

ONU has the ability to communicate with students, faculty and staff in a variety of ways. These include:

  • website messages,
  • e-mail messages, and
  • text messaging for cell phones. (Note: you can sign up for text messages inside Self-Service Banner)

Policies for evacuation, shelter-in-place and other emergency responses have also been created.

For example: evacuation plans may be activated in cases of fire, hazardous material release, utility outages or certain crime situations. Each campus building has a building director with specific responsibilities when an evacuation is ordered. Individuals also have a responsibility to leave a building during a fire or similar situation and to remain away from the building until campus security permits them to return.

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