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Allison Bower Stinger, BA ‘95

StingeraWhy do I support the Northern Fund?

"In January 1995, I toured Ohio Northern in blizzard-like conditions. From the moment we stepped on the campus, after an eight-hour drive, my life was forever changed. Even with all-night study groups for western civilization or the early morning shift at the radio station, I can't imagine a moment when I wasn't in love with Ohio Northern. Who wouldn't want to experience everything that Northern has to offer. The personal attention, the endless list of activities, even the dorm-like conditions that came well-before today's luxury apartments, each moment, each second shaped who I am today. I give because I want others to enjoy the Northern experience. Listen to the chapel bells, eat dinner with a special member of the faculty, cross the tundra in a snowstorm and know that this is an opportunity of a lifetime."

Who should others support the Northern Fund?

Reflect on your own ONU experience. Find one moment in which a smile crosses your face and know that by providing support to the University means that someone else will have that same experience.