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April is Tornado Awareness Month

Mar 28, 2008

Along with spring sunshine comes the threat of tornados and other severe weather. Ohio Northern University's Security Office has announced that outdoor warning siren tests will resume at noon on Friday, April 4.

The warning sirens are tested at noon on the first Friday of each month. If threatening weather is in the area, the test is not held.

The warning system will issue a continuous siren blast when a tornado warning is in effect. The signal siren will continue until the danger has passed.

In case of a tornado warning:

* Remain inside a safe area until the warning is canceled

* Stay away from glass windows and exterior doors

* Any evacuation should be done in an orderly fashion and insofar as possible along the north side of the building to a safety area

* Northeast stairwells should be used, if available, since tornadoes generally follow a southwest to northeast path


* Doors should be kept closed

* Evacuate rooms that are on upper floors or that have an exterior wall above ground level

* Floors below ground level, hallways, and rooms in the center of a building that are not on upper floors may be used as shelters

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