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Graduate Spotlight

Graduate Spotlight – Julia Fuerst

Julia Fuerst is a graduate of the 2013-04 cohort of the MPPA program at Ohio Northern University. After graduation, Julia began work as a Core Assurance Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers. In this role, she completes external audit work for a client in Findlay, Ohio, providing assurance as to the reliability of the client’s financial representations.

When asked how the MPPA program helped her to be successful in the workplace, Julia replied, “Much of the work in the MPPA program is done in groups and [at PwC] nearly all of our work is collaborative.”  She also expressed that the group work in the MPPA program helped to build her communication and collaboration skills. Additionally, she stated, “I think the program helped with my growth, especially becoming more confident in my abilities and my understanding of my field. And that I think has more to do with the professors than the work, though the work is important, but the professors are the ones who help you and encourage you to do better even when you think you’re doing your best.”

Julia expects the MPPA program to help further her career by providing the necessary hours to sit for the CPA exam and, more importantly, it helps with differentiating yourself from other candidates because you’ve put in that extra time and effort to achieve it. Fuerst is well on her way to a successful career in accounting. She has passed the Auditing section of the CPA exam and has begun studying for another section. 

Graduate Spotlight – Rob Roll

Rob Roll graduated from the MPPA program in May 2014. He is currently a rotation staff at GBQ Partners, the largest independent CPA firm in Columbus, Ohio. Rob says he chose the MPPA program at ONU for a variety of reasons. He stated, “It’s really nice that they offer you the flexibility of online classes as well as the ability to actually attend class on campus. I also liked that it was the Master’s of Professional Practice in Accounting and that you get real world experience. It’s very good to be able to make the connection between course work and actual field work.”

When asked how the degree has helped him in his new position, Rob said, “Through the MPPA program I was able to obtain a deeper understanding of accounting and auditing subjects. This understanding helped me pass every section of the CPA within two months of graduation and to score very high on each section. A deep understanding of auditing concepts also helps me to see the big picture on client engagements and allows me to focus my attention on the most important areas.”