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Summer Mail Forwarding

It is strongly reccomended that ALL students who will not remain on campus during the summer months, begin having items sent to your home address no later than 2 week prior to the end of Spring Semester.

Domestic students leaving the ONU campus for the summer will have their mail automatically forwarded to the primary address in the ONU database. The ONU Mail Center is prohibited from forwarding any “non” first class mail such as newspapers, magazines etc. Other items that cannot be forwarded are those received from UPS or FedEx. If you will not reside on campus over the summer, please contact the sender to change the delivery address. The ONU Mail Center will stop forwarding items two (2) weeks prior to the start of fall semester.

International student remaining in the USA for the summer but not on campus, will need to contact the ONU Mail Center with a forwarding address. If no domestice (USA) forwarding address is available, all First Class Mail will be forwarded to the home country of the recipient. The USPS, UPS and FedEx does not permit packages to be forwarded without knowledge of the contents, therefore all packages will be returned to the sender. 

Prior to the end of spring semester, the ONU Mail Center will send an email asking to be notified of those that will remain on campus for the summer months. Those that notify the ONU Mail Center will be placed on a list of students whose mail will not be forwarded for the summer months.

Change of address

  • Students who are returning in the fall and will be residing in CAMPUS housing, will not need to place a Change of Address.
  • Students returning in the fall, who will be residing in OFF CAMPUS housing, will need to submit a Change of Address form at the ONU Mail Center prior to moving.


Mail Center

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