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Postage Savings Tips

  1. Check the size of the mail piece to obtain the lowest possible rates.
    For size requirements, click here.

  2. For mailings with more than five pages, fold in half and place in a 6 X 9 envelope.
    You will save an average of $0.48.

  3. Do not use envelopes with a clasp.
    The USPS requires and surcharge for processing.

  4. Double side your inserts to keep the weight down on your mail piece.

  5. Request the Mail Center to rate shop for you.
    Tell us the service level required (overnight, 2nd day, ground) and we will shop the rates for you.          

  6. Screen your mail list for unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses.
    Run your mail list against the NCOA file, available through Printing Services, to eliminate mailing to old addresses if not using Banner.

  7. Do not over insure.
    Only the actual cost to replace the item will be paid, not the declared value.

  8. Use postcards for short messages or announcements.
    The cost is a third less than using an envelope.

  9. Use certified mail, instead of registered, whenever possible.
    It costs less and provides a receipt of mailing, along with verification of delivery, to the sender.

  10. FAX, scan or email documents when time is critical, instead of using express mail.

  11. Combine mailings going to the same address.
    If you are sending multiple items to the same university, company or organization, send them in a single, larger envelope for distribution at the central mail location.

  12. Use Nonprofit Mail instead of first class.
    If your mailing qualifies for nonprofit rates, you may see significant savings when mailing pieces that meet certain criteria and are not time sensitive.

  13. Print the mail permit only on mail pieces/envelopes used in nonprofit mailings.
    Mail piece must have a clear area for meter imprint to be printed from postage meters as metered mail. If mail has meter imprint, the imprint must be covered up with a blank label prior to arriving in the ONU Mail Center.

Mail Center

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