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Fall Semester 2017

New Student at ONU?

You should have received an email on your new ONU email account that contains your unit (mailbox) number, combination and your new ONU mailing address. Please only use this address when sending items to ONU. The use of any other address could delay or prevent items from arriving in the ONU Mail Center. 

If you have not received the unit box assignment email, contact Bill Kent at:

Students returning for fall 2017, can begin scheduling items to arrive the ONU Mail Center after August 7, 2017. Items received prior to August 7, 2017 will be forwarded to the students’ primary address if not living in campus housing over the summer months.

Welcome to the Mail Center at Ohio Northern University.

The mission of the Ohio Northern University Mail Center is to provide collection, distribution, and processing of postal communications vital to the operation of the institution. The Mail Center organization is predicated on disciplines set forth by the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, and the United Parcel Service, and is continually striving to develop innovative methods to improve the quality and service of its operation in support.

PHONE: 419-772-2062  |  FAX: 419-772-3535  |  EMAIL:





Mail Center

Bill Kent

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