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Official ONU Logos

In a highly competitive higher education landscape, the advancement of Ohio Northern University depends on the compelling quality of its institutional messages and image, secured by appealing and effective academic and co-curricular offerings. A logo, along with certain other graphic elements, consistently applied, serves as a primary external, visual representation of any organization such as Ohio Northern. Together, these elements comprise a visual identity and, through their imagery, project Ohio Northern’s organizational label and signature.

To conform to Ohio Northern’s visual identity program, the names, logotypes, colors and seals in this guide are the only acceptable logos that should be used for publications and electronic or printed materials. Requests for exceptions to the approved usages presented in this guide should be directed to the University’s Office of Communications and Marketing.

The official University logo consists of a stylized, leaning capital “O” articulated by corners in the upper left and lower right, and intersected by a horizontal band on which the capitalized word “Northern” is imprinted. Below the logo is an optional word mark, “Ohio Northern University,” in capital letters.

In order to meet the expectations attached to a logo, it is important that visual presentations be consistent and that standards be of the highest quality.

Overall rules for logo use
The University logo, as described above, is to be used for all communications that represent the University, especially to its external audiences, in the form of print or electronic communications, publications, apparel or merchandise. This is considered to be the University’s “official” logo.

The Polar Bear (athletics) logo is to be used primarily by athletics, but also may be used for alumni and student groups or activities for publications or events that primarily impact an internal ONU audience. Apparel with the Polar Bear logo is permitted, but design must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing prior to printing.

The seal of the University is only to be used for special, official University occasions and on documents related to commencement, inauguration, diplomas, etc.

University Logos

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Athletics Logos

Born March 16, 1923, the Polar Bear was officially chosen on that date as mascot for the Ohio Northern athletic teams. The polar bear was chosen by an overwhelming vote of the student body to personify the spirit of ONU (replacing the goat).


ONU Polar Bear Banner
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ONU Polar Bear Head
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ONU Polar Bear Head (*If using this version of our athletics logo, an ONU identifier is required to accompany it. For example, "Ohio Northern University", "Ohio Northern", or "ONU.")
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JPEG 1239 x 1186 pixels; 300 dpi


Polar Bears Paw
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