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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can the administration identify the student thorough the survey tools?
A: Unless the student self identifies there is no way to identify the student with the normal tools of our survey software.

2) Are the survey tools truly anonymous?
A: Yes, they are. The tools are controlled by an independent third party, who is legally bound to maintain anonymity.

3) If I log on with my name, and want to answer the online survey, does my ID get tagged too?
A: No, the ID does not get tagged onto the survey.

4) Why do I need to log in?
A: Logging into the system allows verification that you have taken, partially taken, or not taken some or all of your surveys. Again, your answers to questions are completely separate from this verification.

5) What circumstances can preclude reversal of the anonymity clause?
A: If there is perceived danger to a person or imminent threat to the population i.e.-terrorism if outlined in the comments of the tools. In this extreme case, law enforcement would dictate the exposure of computer code which will reveal any threats. While this has not happened to our understanding, this is similar to posting things on a website or even text messaging.

6) Is the data absolutely safe?
A: No data can be absolutely safe. There have been circumstances where credit card companies have been hacked into for information. Utmost safety is maintained at the independent party servers.

7) Why collect data?
A: We are collecting data to maximize the quality of student services. This data will be used to construct improvements in our current systems reflecting in the optimum academic environment to you, our most important stakeholders. Data will be recorded with no identity tags, and in summary form; this means that the information is untraceable.


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