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  • If your department has a need to gather information campus wide CoursEval may be the application for you. Please call Sue VanDyne, x2009 or email
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CoursEval is a web based evaluation and reporting tool that can be used for a variety of confidential survey-driven assessment and non-assessment activities. It was designed by an academic administrator and instructor with the explicit goal of making the required task of course evaluations easier, smarter, and less expensive for other administrators and instructors. CoursEval will allow us to evaluate courses and faculty online, replacing the paper process/bubble sheet approach. The software provides the means to create, deploy, and analyze longitudinal surveys geared to evaluate courses and faculty instruction. CoursEval will easily handle the traditional quarter end evaluations as well as any other assessment, voting or surveys you require. We have used CoursEval for the following applications

  • Voting in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • HR Survey
  • Semester Student Evaluations of Course and Faculty
  • Administrative Evaluations of Deans, Assistant Deans, Chairs, Vice President and President
  • Tutoring Survey
  • Racial and Ethnicity Classification Form
  • Calendar Vote
  • Academic Calendar Survey

CoursEval started at Ohio Northern University in the spring of 2005-06 with a pilot in the College of Engineering. That quarter's response rate was 91%. We were very pleased with the execution of the evaluation and the reports that followed. It was that pilot that led us to purchase the software and by the fall of 2008-09 all colleges were using the software.

Future Evaluation Dates:

Fall 2016-17

Faculty/Course Evaluations- Nov. 28-Dec. 11

Spring 2016-17

Administrative Evaluations-Deans, Directors and Chairs - March 13-26

Faculty/Course Evaluations-April 24-May 7

Business Advisor Evaluations-April 3-9

Business MPPA Program Evaluations-

Institutional Research

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