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University-Level Assessment of Student Learning


ONU Student Learning Outcomes: Undergraduate and General Education Programs

As a result of their educational experiences at Ohio Northern University, students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Effective Communication: Students will demonstrate the written, oral and visual communication skills necessary to communicate professionally and effectively as responsible members of their organizations and their communities.

    1-1: Writing skills
    1-2: Non-writing format
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking: Students will correctly identify the underlying problems or issues in both theoretical and practical realms, apply appropriate analytical and creative skills to develop feasible alternatives while considering multiple perspectives, and provide creative and logical solutions.
  3. Scientific and Quantitative Literacy: Students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts and the scientific method, and an ability to apply quantitative methods to identify and solve real-world problems.
  4. Understanding of Diverse Cultures and Their Effects on Human Interaction: Students will recognize, appreciate and understand the complexities of different cultures as well as recognize, appreciate and understand how they affect human interactions.
  5. Integration of Concepts Across Disciplines: Students will display the ability to integrate concepts learned under different disciplines/courses together in a holistic manner so as to be able to carry out a thoughtful and thorough analysis of problem(s)/issue(s) in a practical situation.
  6. Informed and Ethical Responses to Personal, Civic and Global Needs: Students will display an understanding of personal, civic and global needs; identify underlying ethical issues in specific situations; and make informed, ethical responses to those needs.
  7. Informed Responses to Aesthetics in Art or Nature: Students will demonstrate the ability to reflect critically on art, culture, and nature.



  • The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP), developed by ACT, is a standardized, nationally normed method of assessing higher level learning related to general education programs.  Ohio Northern first-year and senior students participate in three of the CAAP test modules (Critical Thinking, Writing Essay, and Science) that correspond with assessing the University's learning outcomes of Critical & Creative Thinking, Effective Communication, and Scientific & Quantitative Literacy.
  • The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) was designed to assess the extent to which students are engaged in effective educational practices that are linked with learning, personal development, and other desirable outcomes for student success such as satisfaction, persistence, and graduation.  In one section of the survey, students indicate the extent to which their experience at Ohio Northern contributed to their knowledge, skills and personal development in several areas that correspond with the University's learning outcomes. 
  • The College Senior Survey (CSS), developed by the Higher Education Research Institute, was designed to help institutions respond to the need for assessment and accountability data by providing information on a broad range of student outcomes. Outcomes include a section of questions where students indicate whether or not their abilities in several areas (related to the University's learning outcomes) are stronger compared to when they first started at Ohio Northern.
  • The Alumni Survey was developed locally to determine the degree to which various learning outcomes associated with the University's general learning objectives are obtained. Graduates indicate to what extent they consider the importance of each outcome to their development and the extent to which their experience at Ohio Northern has contributed to their development for each outcome. The Alumni Survey is conducted every three years.
  • The Employer Survey was developed to coincide with the alumni survey and asks employers of graduates to indicate the importance of outcomes related to the University's general learning objectives and the extent to which the Ohio Northern graduate in their employ demonstrates each of the outcomes. The Employer Survey is conducted every three years in conjunction with the Alumni Survey.

Assessment Results

Recent University-level Assessment Results of Student Learning


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