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University Assessment Committee


University Assessment Committee

  1. Introduction - Ohio Northern University recognizes the need for continued assessment of academic outcomes as well as assessment of programming.
  2. Policy Rationale - The University has established an assessment committee for each of the Colleges within the institution. Each College committee is responsible for reviewing outcome assessment data and making recommendations based on analysis of available assessment data. The recommendations of the committee are considered by the deans, faculty, and staff of the College for further action if deemed necessary. This process of assessment is to be a continuous evaluation. The University Assessment Committee will perform the same function as the College committees but at the broader university level.
  3. Policy Administration - Executive functions to be performed by the University for the Committee include providing appropriate administrative support, providing data from the Office of Institutional Research, providing data from other campus offices, and continuing to evaluate and update the assessment program at ONU. The university official responsible for carrying out or delegating these functions is the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  4. Assessment Committee
    1. The University Assessment Committee is responsible for the review of all college and university assessment data. In addition, the committee will make recommendations to implement changes to existing programs that would help in improving academic and program outcomes. The College and University Assessment Committees will be responsible for evaluating student, alumni, and faculty outcomes.
    2. The assessment process should involve the following steps:
      1. identification of concerns or issues related to outcomes
      2. data collection, documentation of concerns or utilizing pre-existing data
      3. analysis of the information collected to assess the potential issues
      4. examination of the mission statement criterion to determine if the outcomes stated are being achieved
      5. development of solutions to address the issues
      6. suggestions of implementation plans to modify outcomes
      7. review of outcomes to determine if the issues/concerns have been resolved or have improved
    3. The University Assessment Committee shall be composed of a College Assessment Committee member from each college, a representative from the Office of Academic Affairs, a representative from the Office of the Registrar, a representative from Student Services, a representative from the Career Services Office, a representative from the Admissions Office, the Director of Institutional Research, a Student Senate representative, and a representative from University Council.
    4. The University Assessment Committee shall prepare and maintain documentation of its activities.
    5. The University Assessment Committee actions and recommendations are subject to review and to disapproval or further restrictions by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or designate.

Committee Membership, 2015-16

  • Chair & Administrative Liaison,
    Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Julie Hurtig)
  • College Assessment Committee Members

                    Arts and Sciences (Ms. Kathleen DeVault)
                    Business Administration (Dr. Dexter Woods)
                    Engineering (Dr. John Estell)
                    Pharmacy (Dr. Karen Kier)
                    Law (Dr. Bryan Ward)

  • Academic Affairs Office Representive (Dr. Eunhee Kim)
  • Admissions Office Representive (Ms. Jayme Jarrett)
  • Career Services Office Representative (Mr. Justin  Courtney)
  • Center for Teacher Education (Dr. Diana Garlough)
  • Institutional Research Office Representive (Mr. Omer Minhas)
  • Registrar Office Representive (Ms. Melanie Hough)
  • Student Services Representive (Dr. Adriane Thompson Bradshaw)
  • University Council Representive (Dr. Alisa Agozzino)
  • Student Senate Representive (Mr. Zach Woods)
Institutional Research

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