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Employee Recognition



Erin Swick

Paws for Thanks Quarterly Drawing Winner

Erin received two Paws for Thanks nominations for going above and beyond her normal job duties in the Department of Communications and Media Studies. Erin is this Quarter's Paws for Thanks winner for the following reasons.

Erin is one of the kindest, most efficient and patient person I know. Going "above and beyond" isn't a thing she does it's who she is. I appreciate her willingness to always figure out how to manage all the crazy things we need. If she doesn't know something, she finds out quicker than anyone else could. She is responsive, professional, intelligent and genuinely caring about the students and faculty alike. I not only like her, I admire her.

Erin is one of the nicest, most patient young women I know. Erin always has time for me. From the most ridiculous question to a detailed budget inquiry, she always stops what she is doing and with a friendly smile and calm demeanor answers my questions. But what I love most about Erin is her continual pep-talks and her unwavering confidence she has in me. She is my biggest cheerleader. It is comforting to know that Erin is across the hall, is extremely approachable and will be there to help me navigate my job. She truly is an angel and deserves all my "Paws for Thanks".

Paws for Thanks Nominees



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    Laurie Laird
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    Sarah Novak
    Cheryl Cosart


As part of the support-staff employee recognition program, each year ONU recognizes employees for their 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35+ years of service milestones.  ONU holds a recognition luncheon each January to recognize the honorees and presents each with a practical gift based on their years of service.  Below is the listing of those honored and their corresponding years of service.

2017 Support Staff Recognition Luncheon 

2016 Support Staff Recognition Luncheon 

2015 Support Staff Recognition Luncheon


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