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Instructions for SPINPlus

InfoEd’s SPINPlus is the research funding opportunity database being used by Ohio Northern University. It is available for use by faculty, staff and students. SPINPlus consists of three products:

             SPIN - the search function for the research database,

            GENIUS -  where your individual profiles and CVs can be posted, and

            SMARTS - which allows you to match your search criteria against SPIN and sends funding opportunities to you via e-mail.


SPIN contains over 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 private and public sponsors.  With SPIN you can: 

  • Access funding information online, from any browse
  • Organize grant information in one convenient place
  • Gain access to the largest Keyword list, allowing for greater flexibility in your searches
  • Quickly locate Limited Submission Opportunities, Federal or non-Federal program
  •  Locate all types of funding information—Fed Business Opps / Federal Register Guide

To get to SPIN, go to and click on the SPIN link.  A  “Quick Reference Guide”  helps you get started using SPIN with very little effort.   By following the guide, you can perform searches and will not need to log-in with a user-name and password.  The SPIN site also provides short instruction videos that are helpful in navigating the search functions. These are located at the upper right side of the SPIN page.

HOWEVER, without a username and password, you cannot save or bookmark any searches or use the SMARTS product.  You must have a username and password (see GENIUS instructions below) to be able to save searches etc.


To create a username and password that allows you additional functionality you must establish a GENIUS profile as described below:

  • You must be using a campus computer to initiate this process
  • Go to
  • Click on the GENIUS link along the top of the page
  • Choose Create New Profile
  • Select your institution
  • Fill out the New Profile Registration Page - select the department listed (for the time being click on sponsored projects)
  • Click Submit
  • You will now be at a page called the Profile Summary Page - do not fill anything out on this page at this time. InfoEd is updating this site and will provide additional instruction regarding this.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Summary Page and click Log Out
  • Your Administrator (Beckie Watercutter) will receive an e-mail and will validate your profile. Once validated you will then be able to sign into SPIN for added functionality and remote access.


Your GENIUS profile allows you to match your search criteria against SPIN on a daily basis and receive relevant funding opportunities via e-mail with SMART:

1.    Click General on the GENIUS Profile Summary Page and answer the five questions below:

Question 1 allows you to specify whether you would like prospective partners/collaborators who find you in GENIUS SEARCHES to contact you directly or make initial contact with your institutional administrator.

Question 2 allows you to specify whether you want to receive SMART matches.  To receive SMART matches, select Yes.

Question 3 allows you to specify how you would like to receive your SMART matches.

Question 4 allows you to specify whether you want to receive SMARTS output of program only from U.S. sponsors.

Question 5 allows you to specify the format in which you would like to receive your SMARTS output: Full program or summary format.

2.    Click keywords to select keywords that most closely reflect your research/program interests.

3.    Choose categories under Used in SMARTS matching (applicant types, award types, geographical restrictions, sponsor types and locations tenable) to tailor search criteria for more targeted SMARTS matches.

InfoED personnel will provide web-based workshops (one per semester) to assist faculty and staff in learning more about SPIN searches, setting up profiles and searching for others within the GENIUS service and the SMARTS product.  Information regarding the date and time of these workshops will be sent out via e-mail to allow you to register.

Contact Beckie Watercutter (Ext. 2038 – ) if you need assistance. 

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