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Grants Management and Post Award Activities

So you are awarded a grant.  This comes with some responsibilities and compliance requirements. What happens next?  

Here are some University procedures:


The Director of Foundation, Government and Academic Grants, working with the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD), is responsible for final review, completion and submission of all grant award agreements/subaward documents.  Often these require signatures of Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs) of the University. Once fully executed, these documents are sent to the PI or PD for their files.  The Controller's Office also receives these documents along with the approved proposal.

Rebecca Watercutter is the AOR at ONU.  You may contact her at or Ext. 2038 with questions.


The Controller's office is responsible for assisting PIs and PDs with fiscal post award activities and grant management.  

It is the PI/PD's responsibility to request a grant index number.  The form to do so can be found at  It is necessary to establish an individual grant index number in the Banner accounting system to ensure that the funds are used according to the approved budget and any related government regulations connected to the program/project. This also allows the PI, PD and Controller's staff to track expenses and complete any financial reports required by the funding agency or organization.  The controller’s office loads the budget into the account.

The grants management contact person in the controller's office is:  

Mark Russell

Ext. 2011  

He can instruct you in using Banner to track your grant. 


Depending on the project/program, the budget may include dollars to support students or additional staff.  If this is the case, the PI/PD is responsible for submitting the appropriate form to Human Resources.  The form can be found at   For answers to any HR questions related to grants, contact:

Josh Luke

Ext. 2021          


Effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed. Effort is the portion of time spent on a particular activity, expressed as a percentage of the individual's total activity for the university.

The Principle Investigator (PI) is responsible for overseeing and making sure that each employee who is paid by a federal grant complete the online Personnel Activity and Effort Report PAER (see link below). Students do not complete the PAER. By submitting the form, each individual is certifying that he/she actually performed the level of effort on the project that is indicated on the PAER.

Post award personnel in the controller’s office will be responsible for collecting the appropriate signatures required for verifying effort.  PIs must verify the reports for co-PIs and other staff on the grant-funded project. Department chairs/deans must verify the effort report for PIs.

Students working on grant-funded projects must complete time cards which are submitted to HR and approved by the PIs.

Personnel Activity and Effort Report (PAER)

Contact or with any questions regarding this form.



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