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Teaching the Art of Combat

Fight director for the stage Dr. John Lennox to teach ONU students the “Art of Combat”

For as much as modern action movies rely on special effects, the best ones still have the hero and villain fight at the end. And when that scene comes, it’s easy to forget that it’s really just two actors practicing their craft under the watchful eye of a professional fight director.

Ohio Northern University welcomes acclaimed fight director and stage combat expert Dr. John Lennox to the Freed Center for the Performing Arts Oct. 7 - 9 for a series of workshops and masterclasses on the “Art of Combat.”

Both students and members of the ONU community are invited to learn the artistry of fighting. Lennox’s masterclasses will include sections on anatomy and combat, how pain feels, the psychology of the duel, classical combat and weaponry, fencing basics, and an analysis of how violence erupts. All of these classes are designed to help actors better portray both instigators and victims of violence on the stage or on screen.   

Lennox is an internationally recognized fight director, regularly teaching workshops on stage and historical combat styles for professional stage combat organizations, fencing academies and colleges and universities throughout the world. He has taught extensively throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Finland and Belgium.

He is the author of A History of Stage Swordplay: Shakespeare to the Birth of Film, and he is also working on a book on fight direction entitled Truth in Action: Mastering Combat and Fight Direction for Stage and Screen.

Lennox holds a B.S. in theatre with an acting focus from Western Michigan University, an M.A. in theatre with a theatre history focus from Michigan State University, and a PhD in theatre with a directing/scholar emphasis with cognate studies in historical fencing from Wayne State University.

Partial funding for this program provided by The Committee for Cultural and Special Events (CASE)