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Introducing Klondike's

Klondike's grand opening

The new student lounge in McIntosh CENTER is THE campus hot spot.

In terms of a functional transformation, you can’t get much more radical than Klondike’s, the new student lounge in McIntosh Center. It’s actually a bit hard to comprehend that the same 1,800 square feet was once the Ohio Northern University faculty and staff dining room.

The transformation, which happened this fall, would make an HGTV designer swoon. Polished concrete floors, waterfall countertops, slate-tile accent walls and hip, mid-century-inspired furniture are just a few of the exciting upgrades. And just so students don’t forget where they are, Klondike and polar bear imagery is everywhere, from the two custom pool tables to a giant mural on the wall.

But Klondike’s wasn’t built to be an interior design showroom. It was built for fun.

With seating for 45 and room for plenty more to congregate or play a few games of pool, Klondike’s will likely become a regular campus hotspot. When students returned from Thanksgiving break, they were able to hang out with friends, grab a bite from the White Bear and watch television from 11 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. Actually, make that watch televisions, because there are 12 of them in Klondike’s, including two 90-inch, one 80-inch, four 70-inch and five 43-inch screens, all with Internet streaming capabilities.

While no formal watch parties have been scheduled yet, save for the ONU NCAA Division III football championship second-round game this past Saturday, Dave Dellifield, the director of McIntosh Center, expects Klondike’s to be packed during all the usual must-see events (NCAA National Championship Game, the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, etc.).

Klondike’s officially opened on Wednesday, Nov. 11, with a ceremony sponsored by Student Senate. Student Senate was a major proponent of seeing the space renovated to meet student needs and served as a focus group to make sure the end result was something students would like.

“We have been wanting this for awhile, ever since I was a freshman, and I’m a senior now,” says Gina Grandillo, ONU Student Senate president. “Now that it’s here, it feels like it was all worth it. We are so appreciative.”

Klondike’s was made possible by a generous donation from long-time ONU supporters Robert and Barbara Kerscher. Planning for the renovation began in February and construction began in September.


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