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March on Disney

While not much can top spending Thanksgiving with family and friends at home, spending Thanksgiving with family and friends in Orlando, Fla., kind of does.

The Ohio Northern University Marching Band embarked on a mini-tour of sorts during Thanksgiving break, performing first at Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Fla, and then at Disney World’s Epcot Center on Thanksgiving Day.

For sophomore environmental and field biology major Eileen Mangan, of Garrettsville, Ohio, traveling is part of marching band’s appeal.

“I took a couple of trips like this in high school, one to Disney World and another to Washington, D.C. I expected to take trips like this one with the band at ONU,” she says. “The band almost always takes a trip somewhere over Thanksgiving break.”

Apart from the enjoyment the band received from performing, the members got to spend three days in Disney parks, had dinner at the famed Medieval Times in Orlando, Fla., took in some sightseeing in Atlanta, Ga., and soaked up some sun on the St. Augustine beaches.

These photos of the “Star of Northwest Ohio” performing at Epcot Center were taken by ONU parent Jami Cavinee Dellifield.