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Oh, the Places Indeed

As we prepare to see another Ohio Northern University class graduate and move onto the lives they have spent the past four (or six) years preparing for, we take a moment to see where a few of them are headed. There are many paths a Polar Bear can take armed with an ONU degree. They can enter the workforce. They can go to graduate school. They can pursue their dreams. Or, they can stay right here and truly experience all ONU has to offer.

The Research Fellow

There is nothing quite so frustrating to Andrea Kalchik as forgetting the answer to a question, particularly when the question involves her area of study, memory, the very one in which her success earned her a prestigious University Presidential Fellowship from the University of Notre Dame...  read more

The Seasoned Pro

Many graduating seniors have jobs lined up. Tyler Burnett started his job weeks ago thanks to his ONU professors who found a way to let him seize his dream job even though doing so would mean missing classes. As he experiences the excitement of Commencement this year he’ll be thinking about how nice it is to have a quite Sunday for once… read more

The Dream Chaser

Liz Coulston is graduating with a major and three minors, but it’s everything else she’s acquired from Northern that she’ll immediately draw from when she sets out to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. But don’t worry; she’s got plans for the degrees as well… read more

The Double Bear

Student Senate President, voting member of the ONU Board of Trustees, member of the Dicke College of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, Undergraduate Commencement speaker, and now a member of ONU’s Pettit College of Law class of 2017. This begs the question, is Eric Ambos involved with ONU, or is ONU involved with him?... read more

The Trailblazer

Elizabeth Spingola will do something on Sunday that no one has ever done before. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in engineering education, and begin a journey that will ensure that future students view engineering in a whole new way ... read more