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2014 Student Research Colloquium

Poster and paper presentations highlight undergraduate research.

The Student Research Colloquium is a true showcase for undergraduate research, with students scheduled to present 106 projects this year. For students, research bridges the gap between knowledge and experience and provides for career exploration and development. Presenters at this year’s Colloquium will share the results of their research with the larger academic community, enliven the intellectual climate on campus, and stimulate discussions and collaborations within and across disciplines, all while developing skills important to their long-term personal and professional success.

Friday, April 25, 2014 | 9:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. | McIntosh

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Paper Presentations

Morning Session: 10:00-11:45 a.m.  •  French Culture & Political Science  •  Wishing Well

“Shifting Identities: Comparative Analysis of Character Development in Les Misérables”
Jason M.R. Luthman

“The Allure of French Women”
Rachel L. Cruea

“Pax Americana and the Rise of Drones”
James D. Lee

“Myths and Realities: Are Ohio and America Polarized or Sorted?”
John Alexander Curiel

Communication Studies I  •  Deans’ Heritage Room

“Reactions from a Post-Game Rant”
Courtney Smith

“Radical Women: Comparing Miley and Madonna through a Content Analysis of Mass Media”
Ashlee McDonnell

“Finding the Gap: Defining Skills Needed to Improve Social Media Curriculum through Social Media Job Descriptions”
Amy Christine Hood

“BFFs: Studying the Relationship between Video Game Environment and Becoming Friends”
Jordan A. Leigh

“Eastern Sports and Propaganda Network: Searching for Bias in SportsCenter's Coverage of Major Sports”
Andrew James Kremyar

“Event Attendance Based on Social Media: A Focus of Student Attendance to Campus Events”
Mariah R. DiBiasio

Afternoon Session: Noon-1:45 p.m.

Social Sciences Wishing Well Dr. Robert Carrothers, Moderator
“The Association between Color and the Learning of Accounting”
Austin Germann

“Emile Durkheim's Suicide Theory and Media Body Pressures”
Julie A. Rice

“Racial and Ethnic Kidney Transplant Disparities”
Maria Kay Daley

“Criminal Recidivism and Mental Illness: Perspectives from Durkheim and Goffman”
Rachael Aufdenkampe

“An Analysis of the World Wrestling Entertainment Using Critical Theory”
Thelma E. Schweigel

“ADRA2B Deletion Variant Selectively Predicts Stress-induced Enhancement of Long-term Memory in Females”
Andrea E. Kalchik, Chelsea E. Cadle, David M. Peters

Communication Studies II  •  Deans’ Heritage Room

“Diffusion of Innovations and the Adoption of Smartphone Fitness Apps in College Students”
Brittany Paige Holland

“Brand Evaluation Based on Social Media Use”
Brady A. Miller

“Love Wins: A Content Analysis”
Julianna Eley

“NFL Head Injuries: A Content Analysis”
Kaila Lewis

“Calvin Klein and the Perceptions Formed through the Use of Sex in Advertising”
Lauren Nicole Staley

“The Effects of First Comments on Online Articles”
Kelsi L. Rupersburg


Poster Presentations

Morning Session: 9:45-11:00 a.m.  •  Assorted STEM & Communication  •  Main Lounge

1. “2014 Research Survey of Professional Education in Athletic Training White Paper”
Jared Cletis Moor, Joshua L. Cook, Erik Noble Arent

2. “The Effects of Power Plate Intervention on Single Leg Stance on Unstable Surfaces in Adults, Ages 21-59”
Jacob Schumer

3. “The Effectiveness of a Dry Land Cool Down on Lactate Clearance Levels in Division III Collegiate Swimmers”
Sara Rutherford, Evan Price

4. “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Poster 1)”
Sarah Bova, Kaitlin Bova

5. “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Poster 2)”
Sarah Bova, Kaitlin Bova

6. “The Effect of Gender Dominance Portrayals and Media Type on Body Image”
Coral Shuster, Hayley O'Hara

7. “Adolescent Substance Use as a Sleep Aid Linked to Poor Mental Health”
Lauren E. Guerriero

8. “Impact of Peer Habits and Sleep Problems on Drug Use”
Chahdael B. Smith

9. “Manipulation of Physical Pain Tolerance as a Result of Optimistic/Neutral Confederate Cues”
Jennifer N. Cramer, Brandon Johnson, Eric Eisenmann, Jessica Cunningham

10. “The Effects of Evidence Type and Expert Credential Contestation on Mock Juror Decision-making”
Wesley Evans, Rebecca N. Krelko, Megan E. Fry, Kelsey E. Hoffman

11. “Post-learning Stress Facilitates Long-term Memory Consolidation”
Rachael L. Aufdenkampe, Callie M. Brown, Amanda R. Scharf, Alison M. Dailey, McKenna B. Earley, Courtney L. Knippen, Elizabeth D. Scholl

12. “RGS 2 and RGS 4 Differentially Modulate G-protein-coupled Receptor-signaling in the Mouse Aorta”
Paige M. Garber

13. “Discontinued Drugs: An Independent Study”
Brandon P. Bourgeois

14. “Simultaneous Translation and Techniques: A Prospective Study”
Brandon P. Bourgeois

15. “Language Translation Techniques”
Brandon P. Bourgeois

16. “FireBot”
Jordan Tabor, Daric Long

17. “Sumo Robot: B & J”
Che'ron L. Jenkins, Malcolm J. Burrell

18. “Sumo Robot”
James Cody Cline, Alexander Chernick

19. “Vision-guided Robotic Workcell”
Josh M. Cantrell, Dillon M. Kwiat

20. “Robot Construction: Gantry Robot”
Evan C. Kile, Brian K. Harris, Andrew Townsend, Kenzo M. Barlow

21. “Identifying Vacant and Abandoned Land for Reuse”
Peter J. White

22. “Toward Resilient Localization in Mobile Robotic Networks”
Joel Huff, Ben Kerber, Sam Roth, Gabe Russ

23. “Scaling, Sneezes, and the Elephant's Trunk”
Nathan B. Knodel

24. “Dithered Quantization”
Nicholas B. Saunders

26. “Peculiar Velocities of Wide-angle Tailed Radio Galaxies”
Thomas E. Steinberger

27. “Velocity Dispersions of Active Galaxies with Low Mass Black Holes”
David R. DeColibus

28. “Low-energy Electron Diffraction Applied to the Surface Investigation of Boron-doped Silicon”
Ashley Ernst

29. “Plasma Sheath Dependence on Power to the Electrode”
Nick R. Weiner

30. “Preliminary Measurement of Plasma Sheath for Varying Plasma Density”
Nicholas R. Weiner

Midday Session: 11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  •  Biology & Chemistry  •  Main Lounge

1. “Distributions and Compositions of Benthic Algal Communities in the Upper Mad River Watershed, Ohio”
Gabrielle K. Metzner

2. “Stream Comparisons between Glaciate and Unglaciated Regions of Ohio”
Shannon M. Boys

3. “Characterization of the Algal and Macroinvertebrate Communities of Two Vernal Pools at Tidd-Oakes Farm, Hardin County, Ohio”
Kelsey T. R. Weidner

4. “Variation of Algal and Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in Restored Wetlands with Varying Water Inputs”
Lucas Erickson

5. “Influence of Wood Type on Diatom and Macroinvertebrate Colonization Patterns”
Michael Christopher Taylor

6. “Utilizing 3D Scanning and Geomorphic Morphometrics to Conduct a Phylogenetic Analysis on the Order Carnivora”
Michael C. Taylor

7. “Spatial and Temporal Algal Community Variation in a Drought-resistant Spring System in the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico”
Lance D. Alley

8. “Regression Model for Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus)”
Lucas Erickson, Sam Schroeder, Lance D. Alley, Kilian TysonMayer

9. “A Study Applying SPERM HY-LITERTM PI Technology to Forensic Casework”
Stephanie R. Schottke, Brooke E. Larsen

10. “The Effects of Blood Glucose Levels on Brain Function”
Sam Prewitt, Ian T. Coote, Wesley A. Evans, Holly Anne Fisher, Ayed X. Mahmoud

11. “Different Types of Music and Their Effect on Cortisol Levels over Time following Psychological Stress”
Lauren Guerriero, Alexander Robert Kneubehl, Joseph Lawson, Alicia Green

12. “Impact of Caffeine on Cognitive Function and Brainwave Activity”
Lauren E. Titus, Shyla Woodyard, Michael Chad Bridges, Alex Roth, Ryan Paulus, Renee A. Chen

13. “The Effect of a Sports Drink Consumed Pre-exercise on Post-exercise Blood Glucose”
Brittany N. Miller, Rosa L. Nardo, Caitlin M. Huber, Samantha T. Hoffman

14. “Music: A Enhancer or Distractor of Mental Focus”
Liz Catherine Lendrum, Emily Rebecca Markey, Taylor Nicole Somogyi, Jayme Rochelle Wright

15. “Herbal Tea: Chemical Characterization of Extracts Using GC-MS and HPLC and Biological Evaluation of Efficacy Using Kirby Bauer Test”
Kathryn Miltner

16. “Chemical Characterization of Mullein Flower Extracts”
Nathan Robins

17. “GC-MS Analysis of the Volatile Components of Herbal Teas”
Michael Herman

18. “Matrix Effect Corrections for X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis of Binary and Ternary Systems”
Sean M. O'Neill

19. “Human Waste-stream Loadings in an Agricultural Watershed: Nutrients, Biomarkers, and Bacteria”
Joanne Berry, Abigail Thayer

20. “The Effect of Perfluoroalkyl Acids on Membrane Permeability”
Elvira Tatarkov

21. “Reverse-phase HPLC Examination of Paracetamol Metabolism in Rat Liver Microsomes”
Jessica Lynn Harris, Andrew David Ziegler

22. “Solvent Effects on Excited-state Intramolecular Proton Transfer on Pyrrolopyrimidines”
Courtney M. Olson

23. “Synthesis and Characterization of Imidonorbornene Monomers for Ring-opening Metathesis Polymerization”
Tyler Tewilliager

24. “Synthesis of Metal Complexes Containing Ligands from Hydroxymethylfurfural for ε-Caprolactone Polymerization”
Kevin C. Ledden

25. “Recyclable Aqueous-phase Catalysts from Ligands Appended Using a Thiol-ene 'Click' Approach”
Lindsay C. Wiener

26. “Novel PO Ligands Derived from Vanillin for Palladium-catalyzed Coupling”
Andrew K. Bowser

27. “Inverse Demand-Diels-Alder Reactions of 3-Formylchromones”
Aaron J. Sullivan, Daniel C. Steigerwald, Benjamin Kasting

28. “Investigation of the Ground- and Excited-state Dipole Moments of a Series of Substituted Benzofluorenone Dyes Using Lippert-Matag”
Laila Oudean

29. “A Computational Study of Molecular Electronics and Metal-Metal Systems”
Sarah Renea Zinn

30. “Electron Transport in Porphyrin-based OPV Donor Materials: A Computational Study”
Morgan A. Hammer

Afternoon Session: 12:45-2:00 p.m.  •  Medical Laboratory Science & Nursing  •  Main Lounge

1. “Sysmex Hematology Analyzer Correlation”
W. Wesley Cruikshank

2. “Correlating Results Obtained from Roche Cobas 6000 and Siemens Advia 1650”
Kwaku N. Peprah

3. “Where Does the Interference of Hemolysis End for Coagulation Testing?”
Marcus Lowe

4. “Possible Antibacterial Efficacy of Cockroach Brain Lysates”
Emily Fruth

5. “Enhanced Recovery after Surgery”
Kelli Wright

6. “Effectiveness of Patient Discharge Education”
Kaitlin Steinmetz

7. “Maintenance of Central Line Accesses”
Tara M. Bailey

8. “Controlling Pain in Hospice Patients: Educating Future Nurses to Improve Patient Outcomes”
Courtney V. Hanlon

9. “On- and Off-stage Behavior: An Analysis of Hospital Policies”
Jill L. Amos

10. “The Effectiveness, Efficiency and Safety of Medication Administration in the Long-term Healthcare Setting”
Allison J. Talbert

11. “Improving Stress Levels in Nurses through Education and Remediation”
Gregory Scott Wyenandt

12. “ICU Psychosis”
Alyssa Marie Leonard

13. “Deep Vein Thrombosis Education for Post-op Patients”
Chance S. Moore

14. “Pediatric Pocket Guide: Enhancing Patient Care”
Heather Anne Moore

15. “Benefits of Family-centered Rounding: Patients and Families Working Together with the Healthcare Team”
Allyson Rose Paces

16. “Chemotherapy 101”
Sarah Elizabeth Meyer

17. “Cardioversion”
Rebecca Jo Dirksen

18. “Catch Me before I Fall: Reinforcing Patient Safety”
Kimberly Maureen Reid

19. “Overcoming Barriers of Pediatric End-of-life and Palliative Care”
Carlin Olmstead

20. “Managed Pain: A True Assessment of Patient Pain”
Kate Young

21. “The Effectiveness of Code Blue in a Hospital Setting”
Christopher J. Mendoza

22. “Improving the Assessment of Pain in the Pediatric Population”
Cassandra J. DeWulf

23. “Isolation Contamination”
Mary Schulze

24. “M in the Box: Importance of Medication Education”
Samantha Atkinson

25. “Death and Dying: Nurses’ Perspectives and Coping with Patient Loss”
Alena Laura Rose Anderson

26. “Educational Needs on a Trauma Unit: Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, and Crohn’s Disease”
Joshua Saunders

27. “Don't Sink When You Float”
Andrew M. Neiheisel

28. “New Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit”
Anna Rebecca House