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The Global Village

Introducing ONU’s first culturally focused living-learning community

For as much as any college or university wants its students to remember the learning they receive within its walls, it is often the living part of college that is held most dear. Sure, the classrooms and laboratories prepare students for their careers, but the social interactions students have with one another—especially those within the confines of a residence hall—can be the events that define a college experience.

ImageAt Ohio Northern University, living-learning communities blur the lines between in- and out-of-class, and provide structure so that the learning never stops. Now, the Office of Residence Life is adding a global dimension to the ONU experience with Global Village, a new living-learning community for students who want to learn about other cultures and ways of life different from their own.

Global Village brings together domestic and international students and offers programming to help facilitate the college assimilation process.

“One of the goals of Global Village is to improve retention by facilitating international students’ integration into the campus community and by giving them a comfortable space to fully express themselves and share their culture with their peers,” says Jamienne Scott, international student services coordinator.

But international students are not the only students asked to share aspects of their culture. Domestic students have an equally important role in Global Village’s cultural exchange.

“We have a wonderfully diverse student body, with a multitude of experiences and upbringings to share. As a campus we value and support diversity, and Global Village is a unique element of that support,” says Melanie Vincent, admissions counselor and resident director.

Global Village occupies the first floor of Affinity Northwest, where members live together in a hall in double-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. All residents share a large common space with a kitchen and lounge area. Affinity Village also has its own exercise facility and laundry room.

Introducing FLARE

FLARE is a new living-learning community for students interested in fitness, recreation, wellness and healthy living. There are spots available for 16 students on the second floor of Affinity Northwest.

FLARE Programming

  • Vitamins: General usage and for performance
  • Hydration and Performance
  • Sports Nutrition and Dietary Choices
  • Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
  • “Caveman or Tree Hugger”: Different Diets for Different People
  • Sport Psychology
  • Trends, Gimmicks, & Quackery
  • Running Shoes: Tools or Torture?

In 250 words or less, explain why you want to live in FLARE.

Global Village works in collaboration with Residence Life and International Student Services to provide programming that will bridge cultural divides and promote diverse interactions. Some of these include an international food fair and trivia contests, a Global Village mural project, trips to area museums and cultural sites, international film screenings, and an association with the peer-mentoring program Polar Pals.

Global Village is open to any new, transfer or current ONU student who has a passion for diversity and an interest in cultural exchange and international affairs. It would be ideal for students interested in foreign languages, cultural studies, political science, international relations, foreign policy, studying abroad, traveling or service learning.

Returning students interested in Global Village should e-mail a short explanation (250 words or less) to Residence Life by August 1 stating why they want to live in Global Village, and what they hope to get out of the experience.

“It is no secret that our world is becoming smaller and increasingly interconnected,” says Vincent. “Global Village celebrates the rich diversity that our world has to offer.”