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Meet the 2006-07 First-Years!


ImageONU's highly competitive Honors Program admits only 30 highly qualified students from the entering class each year. To be eligible students must have a Composite ACT of 29 or higher (or equivalent SAT).

Sean Lemke, better known as "Costello" (from his "Who's on First" routine), comes to ONU from Pickerington, OH. Despite the fact that this mechanical engineering major is a member of the varsity cross country team, he has had no success thus far with his attempts at squirrel tagging.

Junction City, OH, must be a happy place. After all, it produced pharmacy major Katy Finck, who loves all things happy and is a self-proclaimed "eternal optimist." It makes sense that her favorite holiday is Christmas and she has a strong affinity for Disney movies.

Derek Rhoades is a pharmacy law major who enjoys exercising and watching football. Don't typecast this Bellefontaine, OH, native, though--he is also skilled at playing the violin and viola.

Betsy Buse is a long-time ballerina from Casstown, OH, who just can't resist watching the Disney channel and making dinosaur noises. Even though she is majoring in biology and pre-occupational therapy, she loves to sing, color, dance to N'Sync, and soak up the sun at the beach and on the tundra. Boys that wear green shirts have a good chance with this member of Delta Zeta.

Environmental studies and biology major Lauren Fuelling left her beloved pet boxers at home in Celina, OH, but she brought her drumming skills with her when she came to ONU. She has officially sold her soul to the ONU marching band, but she still finds time for the fencing club and movie nights with friends.

The fertile corn fields near Ohio's Cardinal Stritch High School provided the ONU Honors Program with a unique present in the form of mechanical engineering major Josh Gargac. Since his arrival, he has graced Clark Hall with his great sense of humor and cheesy pick up lines. When he's not rocking out at concerts, this sensitive and rather good looking student can be found playing basketball or mind sweeper.

Don't believe what everyone says: Alan Ohman really does like things, such as chocolate, music and baseball. His creative writing major gives this Swanton, OH, son an outlet for his strong opinions, sarcasm and fondness for the words "embezzlement" and "gubernatorial."

Anna McLaughlin came to ONU all the way from Oregon (OH). Despite being undeclared, she claims she does have direction and is earnestly looking into possibilities (psychology, musical theater, pre-med, Spanish...). Her involvement in the drama program along with her stellar Matrix moves keep her busy. She also has the penchant to spray paint a mean cardboard train engine and coal car.

Need Jenny Pelton? The nocturnal language arts education major born and raised in the suburbs of Hicksville, OH, answers to "Kudos" or a good batch of Pelton's Popcorn. Without her, the world would miss some unique facial expressions, a large collection of knee socks and exceptional finger-fencing skills.

Good old fashioned fun is right up pharmacy major Corbin Thompson's alley. This Painesville, OH, native likes to read mystery novels, watch Jeopardy, and sing in his barbershop quartet. He tends to go to bed too early and he always gets a new plate for every second helping in the dining hall.

Pharmacy law major Rick Tabar comes from Hinckley, OH. His ONU activities include acting as the Sigma Pi fraternity pledge president and as a Student Senate Housing Representative. When he finds free time, he spends it on the Green Bay Packers, tennis, archery, rifle shooting, and motorcycles. Russ Taylor is another Sigma Pi brother, but he hails from engineering. A mechanical engineering major from St. Paris, OH, he likes growing plants that he can eat, spending time in the woods, and attacking Sasquatch (his sister's dog).

Broadview Heights, OH, brought us Bill Neidinger, who is known for his willingness to talk about anything. He is a mechanical engineering major who also devotes substantial time to his role on the swim team.

It's a good thing college students don't need sleep. Between playing baseball for ONU, pledging for a fraternity and going to class, Brunswick, Ohio's Mike Muller has no time for it! It doesn't help that the mechanical engineering major can't say no to Madden 2007.

Anyone kissed the Blarney stone? Rachel Spence has! Born on Halloween and raised in Olmstead Falls, OH, Rachel is an international studies and Spanish major with a Czech and Irish heritage. She can't get enough of Jon Stewart, but don't make her watch any Jean-Claude Van Dam movies.

Eagleville, OH, citizen John Holodnak is majoring in pure mathematics. Accordingly, he plays purely classical piano, listens purely to the WHO, and cheers purely for Cleveland sports teams. Watch out for this "wizard!"

Ossian, IN, native Chase Baumgartner is a forensic biology major who is also an aspiring cartoonist getting his start with the Northern Review. When he's not drawing and working as a CSI, he enjoys sparring short girls as a member of the ONU Tae Kwon Do club.

Biology major Beth Buenger shares something very important with one of her 19 pets at home: her initials! Unfortunately, she can't take her guinea pig Betty Boop with her to musicals and theater performances in her hometown of Greenfield, IN.

Jay Gindlesberger just might be a closet Sudoku addict. The pharmacy major from Magnolia, OH, loves puzzles and brain teasers but also finds time for intramural sports in order to get fresh air now and then. He claims to be the king of random comments by far and enjoys good movies with good friends.

With winter here, it's time for electrical engineering major Molly Harrington to hit the slopes with her snowboard! Afterward, you can find the Peninsula, OH, girl in Taco Bell with a Jones Soda in her hand. But when walking in the dark, watch out for random Frisbees and Molly's flying at you.

Virginia native Virginia Harrod ("my parents weren't thinking, apparently," she says) hails from the city of Fairfax. If you entertain this music education and vocal performance major for dinner, make sure you serve up apples and strawberries but avoid asparagus and brussel sprouts. Follow dinner with a rousing chorus.

Kelly Jensen's hobbies include painting, baking,swimming and smelling like chlorine all the time. The Hudson, OH, pharmacy major loves the color orange, especially when it comes as Post-it Notes!

Biochemistry major Josh Judkins is proud of his southern heritage. Raised in Raleigh, NC, he's grown to love chemistry labs, sushi and hot tubs.
You can just call pharmacy major Alex Koudelka "Mozart." He's been playing piano for 13 years, and the ladies at ONU hope he won't stop. This avid Kenmore, NY, downhill skier is a budding Honors Program dance DJ who eats Mighty Taco but never Taco Bell.

Michael Krak is a mechanical engineering major with a business administration option, but he makes time for two bands, martial arts, pop can pyramids, and plenty of TV shows too. Senecaville, OH, somehow gave this young man a love for medieval machines of war and Sir Winston Churchill.

Mason, OH, native Grace Lunsford makes no bones about it: Habitat for Humanity is her passion! However, the biology and pre-occupational therapy major is also passionate about Chipotle. . .so much so that she wrapped up in aluminum foil on Halloween just to get a free burrito in Bowling Green.

Cross country team member Benjamin McPheron could probably run to his hometown of Kenton, OH. This electrical engineering major plays a mean guitar and sings as well. You can figure out some of his other interests from the name of his cat, "Samwise Gamgee."

There are three freshmen in the Honors Program with variants of the name "Rachel," but only creative writing major Rachael Prokop from Fowler, OH, spells her name 'ae'. She is probably also the only one with three novels in progress who takes time out from studying for Tae Kwon Do. She certainly is the only one with a bilingual Amazon parrot.

Rachel Smith hasn't claimed a specific major yet, but the varsity cross country and track teams have claimed this general studies girl. When she gets out of Ada and her hometown Bellevue, OH, she heads straight for the nearest roller coaster.

Megan Tritch recommends that you not call her NutMeg or Meggie unless you're a close blood relative. Even though this creative writing major claims Hudson, IN, as her hometown, she actually lives in the middle of a cow field. She shares her personality with her cat Cassie at home, and she cleans in order to reduce stress.