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Strike a Pose

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Pharmacy majors Ryan Griffin, Julie Zschoche, and Heather Helsel pose in Utah while attending the University of Utah School of Medicine's School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies, June 17-22, 2012.


Pharmacy majors T.J. Tucker, Sarah Swick, and Beth Crandall pose atop Mount Bukhansan in Seoul, South Korea, where they are participating in the Hanyang University Summer Program.


Alyssa Vorhees, Shayla Moyer and Britney Melcher representing ONU's Dicke College of Business at the 2012 DECA International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Jamie Westenkirchner, Katie Cretin, Colleen Baliga and Assistant Coach Tina Mangola (as a fierce polar bear in front), pose at the 2012 D3 Softball College World Series in Salem, Virgina.


Jen Smith, Colleen Kerger and Stephanie Inkrott pose at a health clinic in the Dominican Republic in May.


Back row: Hayeong Ahn, Eunju Cho, Soyeon Shim (3 Hanyang University exchange students who will be attending ONU in the fall!)
Front Row: Beth Crandall, Sara Swick, TJ Tucker, P5 students at ONU in the Hanyang University Summer Fellowship Program
At Jamsil sports complex in Seoul, Korea cheering on the Hanwha Eagles and Doosan Bears!


From left to right: Sadie Wiley, The Arc De Triomphe as the "n", and Sarah Vore in Paris, France.


Lisa Bradley, Nicole Bratton and Melody Smith stand in front of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.


Junior Youth Ministry student Luke Rice and friends in Destin, Florida, representing ONU with seaweed!


International theatre production majors Juliana Merk and Hillary Abbott, along with Brian Phillips, Technical Director for the Freed Center, pose in front of the Ravkere Castle in   Estonia where they are working as stage hands for the Baltoscandal International Theatre Festival.


From left: Colleen Baker, junior biology major; Amy Elmer, senior computer science major; T.J. Tucker, fifth-year pharmacy major atop Mount Gwanaksan in Seoul, South Korea where they are participating in the Hanyang University Summer Fellowship Program.


Marissa Muniz, Carmen Cano and Ashlee Dietsch at the Color Run in Columbus, Ohio, July 21, 2012.


Laura Pruchnicki (Comm Arts) ‘97, Andrea Feldt (Pharmacy) ‘98, Jennifer Miller McCartney ‘97 (Education). Photographer, Jay McCartney (Education) ‘97.


This is a picture of some members of the 2011-2012 University Singers spelling out "H-A-P-P-Y-!- O-N-U" while on their tour in New Zealand!
Zac Platt, Justin Bays, Kaity Young, Ricky Kaszar, Maria Fricano, Taylor Miller, Kirsten Fuelling, Chelsie Cree, Victoria Aukerman, Liz Pierce, Jaired Birks, Jenn Taylor, Hannah Hardin, and Sean Varga.


Lindsay Henson (as the "O") and friends in the good ole backyard of a home in Williamsport, Ohio.


Pre-med major Adriana Jones, pharmacy major Samantha Schulte, and and pre-physical therapy major Christin Miller stand outside of the Clinica Cristiana in the Dominican Republic with Northern Without Borders. The three served with twenty others from ONU at surrounding barrios by providing fellowship, medical assistance and a laugh or two.


Sophomore Pharmacy students Matt Smaldino, Pat Gayetsky, and Adriana Sikora enjoying a Cleveland Indian's baseball game!