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Nursing DR Blog

Summer is a busy time for ONU students and facutly doing service learning projects around the world! Follow the ONU Medical Teams (Nursing, PreDentistry, PreMed, Medical Laboratory Sciences students) in the Dominican Republic as they hold health fairs, deliver medical care and educate children and adults on the importance of oral health, nutrition and general wellness.

"Before dinner, we explored the local village and brought stickers with us to give to the kids. When the kids saw us coming we were swarmed. Literally they were coming out of anywhere and everywhere. It was awesome. We walked around the streets trying to mutter as much Spanish as we could (some of us clearly better than others). Kids followed us throughout the entire village. They couldn't get enough of the stickers. Even the empty sticker pages were fascinating. We taught them how to play hot hands and gave them tons of piggy back rides. They absolutely loved us and we had a blast. It's absolutely incredible how welcoming and friendly the people are down here." —Colleen Kerger, junior nursing major from Bartlett, Ill.