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By the Book


All gifts made to the Larry and Joyce Busch Engineering Course Resource Fund this academic year will be matched by the Busches.

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Having two grandsons enrolled in the College of Engineering, Charles “Larry” Busch, BSEE ’63, and his wife, Joyce Ann (Dellefield) Busch, BA ’67, have witnessed firsthand the extra expenses incurred by students in the college. So when the couple found themselves in a position to give back to the University, they knew just how to do it.

“When we realized that the physics book alone was $200, we knew we wanted to do something for expenses like these,” Larry says.

On Sunday, August 21, the Busches personally greeted 16 incoming engineering students and awarded each of them the seventh edition of Calculus, by James Stewart, a book that actually costs more than $200.

The textbooks were provided by the Ohio Northern University College of Engineering Course Resource Fund, a scholarship established by the Busches in 2010. Income derived from their initial gift of $100,000 directly assists students in the College of Engineering in purchasing textbooks and other course materials that are often not immediately factored into a family’s college budget. The award is based on the student’s need and is independent of the student’s academic record.

“My mom helped me learn about this scholarship,” said freshman civil engineering major Spencer Schleigh of Wadsworth, Ohio.  “We were trying to find what we could because we are having a hard time affording books and materials. My mom was in a car accident and she’s been out of work as a result. It’s been a very tough year. This scholarship means a lot and it’s very much appreciated.”

When they decided they wanted to make a gift to ONU, the Busches weren’t immediately sure how to do so in a way that would directly affect students like Schleigh.

“Larry had a very sleepless night,” Joyce recalls. “When he woke up in the morning, he said, ‘I have an idea!’”

Larry joined ONU as a staff member in 1963, the same year the University purchased its first computer.  Inspired by the new piece of hardware, Larry turned down a job with IBM after graduation.

Now director of administrative computing services in the Office of Information Technology with the rank of professor, Larry has spent his entire career helping the University move into new areas of technology. From writing applications in the mid-1960s to generating alumni lists, budget and payroll files, to bringing Banner to ONU in the 1980s, he has consistently sought better ways to use technology.

“I came in 1959, graduated in 1963, and have been working here ever since,” he said. “We’ve enjoyed 47 years here. We felt we would like to contribute, and we really wanted to contribute to the kids directly and their families.”

“I’ve heard that Mr. Busch has been around for quite awhile,” said Schleigh. “I figure if he’s been here that long, he’s helped a lot of people.”