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Dr. David Mikesell, PE

Chair and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
Science Annex 106A
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

David R. Mikesell is chair of the mechanical engineering department and an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Ohio Northern University.  His research interests are in land vehicle dynamics, autonomous vehicles, and robotics.  He joined the faculty in 2007 after work in automotive engineering at Ohio State, six years designing automated assembly machines and metal-cutting tools for Grob Systems, and four years’ service as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  He holds bachelor degrees in German and Mechanical Engineering.

Professional Experience: 
  • Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department, Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, 2017-present
  • Associate Professor, Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, 2014-present
  • Consultant in Machine Design, The Kewpee, Inc., Lima, OH, 2014-present
  • Consultant in Control Systems Engineering, Crown Equipment, New Bremen, OH, 2014
  • Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, 2007-2014
  • Graduate Research Associate, SEA Ltd., Worthington, OH, 2005-2007
  • Machine Designer/Tool Designer, Grob Systems, Inc., Bluffton, OH, 1997-2003
  • Surface Warfare Officer, US Navy, 1990-1994
  • PE, Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, 2008
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, 2006
  • BSME, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio Northern University, 1997
  • BA, Germanic Languages & Literature, Duke University, 1990
Teaching Interests: 
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Dynamic Systems and Control
  • Mechanical Design of Components
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Leroy Lytle Chair in Mechanical Engineering, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2014-15
  • Professor Henry Horldt Outstanding Teacher Award, 2011-12
  • SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award, 2011
  • SAE Award for Excellence in Oral Communication, 2007
  • Graduate Automotive Technical Education Fellowship (US D.O.E.), 2004-05
Research Interests: 
  • Robotics and Manufacturing
  • Automotive Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  • Hybrid Powertrain Modeling
Selected Publications: 
    1. Salaani, K., Rao, S., Every, J., Mikesell, D., et al., “Hardware-in-the-Loop Pneumatic Braking System for Heavy Truck Testing of Advanced Electronic Safety Interventions,” SAE Paper No. 2016-01-1648, SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI, April 2016.
    2. Mikesell, D., Chen, T., Ma, J., and Ali, A., “Improving Entrepreneurial Skills Through Problem-Based Learning on Sustainability,” ASEE Annual Conf. & Expo., Seattle, WA, Jun. 14-17, 2015.
    3. Mikesell, D., Yoder, J., “Introducing Mechanical Engineers to Microprocessors with Arduino Tank Robots,” ASEE Annual Conf. & Expo., Seattle, WA, Jun. 14-17, 2015.
    4. Boulanger, B., Kim, C., Mikesell, D., and Tranquillo, J., “Where do Undergraduate Civil Engineering Students Fit in With Interdisciplinary Design Experiences?” ASCE World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, 2015.
    5. Starr, A., and Mikesell, D., “Experimental Evaluation of Aftermarket Air Intake,” ASEE North-Central Section Conference, Apr. 4-5, 2014.
    6. Cochran, C., and Mikesell, D., “Surface- and Pressure-Dependent Characterization of SAE Baja Tire Rolling Resistance,” ASEE North-Central Section Conference, Apr. 4-5, 2014.
    7. Mikesell, D., and Sidhu, A., “Self-Tuning Speed Tracking Controller for a Portable Brake and Throttle Robot,” SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars – Mech. Syst. 6(1): 83-91, 2013.
    8. Mikesell, D., and Sidhu, A., “Options in Speed Tracking Control for Automotive Testing,” ASEE North-Central Section Conference, Mar. 23-24, 2012.
    9. Mikesell, D., Sawyers, D., and Marquart, J., “External Engineering Competitions as Under-graduate Educational Experiences,” ASEE Annual Conf. & Expo., San Antonio, TX, Jun. 10-13, 2012.
    10. Mikesell, D., Dunn, A., Heydinger, G., and Guenther, D., "Semitrailer Torsional Stiffness Data for Improved Modeling Fidelity," SAE Int. J. Commer., Veh. 5(1): 56-66, 2011.
    11. Mikesell, D., and Yoder, J., "Teaching Dynamics with a Design Project," ASEE Annual Conf. & Expo., Vancouver, BC, Jun 26-29, 2011.
    12. Mikesell, D., and Moyer, A., "From Crippled to Competitive:  One School's Transition to a Volunteer Team in the Baja CDS," SAE Paper No. 2011-01-1111, SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI, April 2011.
    13. Krak, M., Heikamp, K., Heitkamp, L., Masters, J., and Mikesell, D., "Design and Construction of a Vibration Test Stand," Proceedings of the ASEE North-Central Section Conference, April 1-2, 2011.
    14. Walters, D., Harrington, M., Keller, N., Hassan, F., and Mikesell, D., "Design and Construction of a Mobile Surveillance Robot," proceedings of the ASEE North-Central Section Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2010.
    15. Coovert, D., Heydinger, G., Bixel, R., Andreatta, D., Guenther, D., Sidhu, A., and Mikesell, D., "Design and Operation of a Brake and Throttle Robot," SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems 2(1): 613-621, 2009.
    16. Mikesell, D. and Laird, L., "Attracting Youth to Engineering Careers:  Ohio Northern University's Approach," ASEE Global Colloquium, Budapest, Hungary, October 2009.
    17. Mikesell, D., Heydinger, G., Guenther, D. and Yoder, J.D., "Portable Autonomous Vehicle Controller" in Experimental Robotics XI, STAR 54. Khatib, O., Kumar, V., and Pappas, G., Eds. Berlin: Springer, 2009, pp. 35-41.
    18. Mikesell, D., Sidhu, A., Heydinger, G., Bixel, R., and Guenther, D., "Portable Automated Driver for Road Vehicle Dynamics Testing," ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, October 2008.
    19. Sidhu, A., Mikesell, D., Guenther, D., Bixel, R., and Heydinger, G., "Development and Implementation of a Path-Following Algorithm for an Autonomous Vehicle," SAE Paper No. 2007-01-0815, SAE World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, MI, April 2007.
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