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Educational Technology

Welcome to Educational Technology! This is meant to be a resource site for Ohio Northern University faculty and staff who are actively pursuing the use of technology in teaching and learning.


SNAP - The New Moodle Theme

We are so thrilled to provide you with a preview of an upcoming Moodle update. On May 17, 2019, all ONU Moodle courses will be converted to the Snap theme.

Reasons for converting to Snap include:

  • Support for the current theme will end July 2019
  • Using Snap will not impact the functionality of Moodle
  • Faculty still have the same editing and content options as before
  • Snap theme is more visually appealing
  • More compatible across multiple devices
  • Students using the Moodle mobile app will find Moodle easier to navigate
  • Features available from a desktop will work seamlessly no matter what device a student is using
  • Students do not have to scroll through the content of an entire course
  • Course navigation appearing at the top allows students to navigate from topic to topic
  • Administration blocks for a course are hidden
  • Instructors can add banner photo to the top of each course for customization

Watch previews of Snap:

- What is Snap?

- User Tour

The Office of Educational Technology will have a series of workshops on Snap starting during the fall 2018 semester. Schedules will be announced on this website and by email.


The Moodle Course Request process permits instructors to select and create only those course(s) that they prefer to offer through Moodle. 

To create your Moodle course:

1.  Open a browser of your choice (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE).
2.  Type, copy or click on this link:
3.  Enter your Username and Password.
4.  Click LOGIN. The page that opens will list your semester courses with a tab titled Create this Course in Moodle
5.  Click on the Create this Course in Moodle tab 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the educational technology staff or email

Joseph Blankson, PhD
Educational Technology Manager     
Biggs Engineering 117
Phone: 419-772-2823
Fax: 419-772-3101
Chandra Dunbar
Pharmacy Instructional Designer and Technologist    
Robertson-Evans 257
Phone: 419-772-2494
Fax: 419-772-1917
Sharyn Zembower
Instructional Designer and Technologist
Biggs Engineering 117
Phone: 419-772-2311
Fax: 419-772-3101