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1098-T Instructions

What is a 1098-T Form?

The 1098-T form provided to you by Ohio Northern University is a tuition statement for you to use for federal income tax reporting purposes to assist you in determining eligibility for the American Opportunity (Hope) and Lifetime Learning education tax credits.  The 1098-T provided is based on qualified tuition and related educational expenses billed (excluding room and board) and non-repayable financial aid (scholarships and grants) applied during the calendar year 2017.  You as a tax payer should report actual expenses paid for qualified educational expenses during the calendar year, so please consult your tax advisor for guidance

For an overview of the American Opportunity (Hope) and Lifetime Learning education tax credits visit the IRS website.

What information is on the 1098-T Form?

Ohio Northern reports only the amounts BILLED for qualified tuition and related expenses (Box 2).  ONU does NOT report payments received (Box 1) as the IRS does not require colleges and universities to report payments received.  If the information on payments received is desired, it is available through the student eBill.  Amounts reported in both Boxes 2 and 5 are based on the calendar year that the specific transaction occurred and are NOT related to the term that the transaction is applied.

How can I print my 1098-T Form?

Form 1098-T is available for download by either Students or Authorized Users.  Internet Explorer is the preferred browser, but other browsers may be used.  Specific instructions for Students and Authorized Users are found below.

If you are a STUDENT, go to Self-Service Banner, click Student Services, Student Account, Tax Notification, Enter Tax Year = 2017.

If you are an AUTHORIZED USER, your student must first grant you access to his/her 1098-T Form through the eBills site.  This is separate from setting you up as an authorized user.  Students can grant you access through their eBills site by clicking Authorized Users, then Edit, and then selecting Yes when asked "Would you like to allow this person to view your 1098-T tax statement".

Once your student has granted you access, log in to your student’s eBill as an authorized user.  It is recommended that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.x or higher.  You can download the latest version at: Get Adobe Reader.  Once logged in to the eBills site, click on the EBILLS link at the top of the page, then go to the section called 1098-T Tax Statement and click on View next to the year desired.     

If you are NOT a Student or Authorized User, you will not be able to access the 1098-T Form online.  Students can set up additional Authorized Users at any time.  Instructions for adding an Authorized User can be found online at by clicking Add Authorized User, then click on Adding Authorized Users under Policies/Instructions section.

What if my 1098-T is blank?

There are 2 reasons the Form 1098-T may not display at this point:

  1. Blank Form:  Follow the Instructions for a Blank Form 1098-T by clicking on this link: Blank Form 1098-T.
  2. Pop-up is blocked: Click to "Allow Pop-ups" from this site on your browser.

Additional Questions?

Questions can be addressed to: