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Website Instructions: Create A Person

The "Person" content type is used for displaying faculty and staff department listings. To add a new person to your department's staff listing just complete the following steps. To edit an existing person's entry just click their name from your faculty and staff page and then click "New Draft."

  1. Login to the website:
  2. From the menu at the top of the page select:  "My Workbench", "Create Content", "Person"
  3. Upload a professional photo of the person (Contact Trevor Jones in C&M if you don't have a photo)
  4. Enter the person's "Name" and separately add their "first_name" and "last_name" for sorting purposes
  5. In "Special Keywords" select your department's name. This is a critical step to allow your staff page to know who is in your department.
  6. Complete the "Contact Information" section with the basic information for the person
  7. If your department isn't divided into sub-departments you can ignore the "Grouping" field. If your department staff page is broken into sub-departments you will need to enter the correct information in this field. The easiest way to find the correct text to enter in this field is to edit another person's page and copy and paste from the second person's "Grouping" field information into the new person's information.
  8. The listings on departmental staff pages are automatically sorted by last name and first name. However if you would like to move a director or chairman to the top of the list you can set that person's  "Sort for departmental pages" to "1". You can also individually order everyone on the page by editing each person and assigning them a number.
  9. If you would like to have a complete profile you can enter then information into the "Academic Information" field or to just display the basic information leave this section blank.
  10. If your department has a menu of all of the people in your area listed on your page or if you would like the correct bread crumb trail to appear you will also want to create a menu entry for the new person.
    1. In the "Menu settings" tab near the bottom of the page click "Provide a menu link".
    2. The information from the "Full Name" above will be automatically added to the "Menu link title" field.
    3. In the "Parent item" drop-down menu select your department's faculty and staff folder.
  11. Click "Save".
  12. Review your document and click the "Apply" button to set the revision status to "Needs Review." This will notify Communications and Marketing that your page is ready to be reviewed and published.


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