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Website Instructions: Create an Event

How to create an event

  1. Log in to the website:
  2. From the "My Workbench" menu, select "Add Content" and "Event"
  3. Enter a title in the "Event Title" field
  4. Enter a starting date and time in the "Date" and "Time" fields
  5. Enter a ending date and time in the "to:" "Date" and "Time" fields
  6. Enter an "Event Contact Name," "Event Contact Phone #" and "Event Contact Email" in the appropriate fields
  7. If an event repeats over a period of time and help is needed to add it, please email: Ken Colwell, for assistance.
  8. Select the category to which your event belongs from the "Event Category" field
    1. For a music event, choose "Music," and "College of Arts & Sciences" would be appropriate as well
    2. If an appropriate event category does not exist, please email: Ken Colwell, and the category can be added to the list
  9. Select the appropriate audience for your event in the "Event Audience" field
  10. Enter your event's location in the "Event Location" field
  11. Enter a description of your event in the "Event Description" field.
    1. Hints for formatting your page can be found on the Basic Formatting page and the Images page
  12. Click the "Save" button, and your event will be submitted to the McIntosh Center staff for review and final posting to the website.
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