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Brand Templates

The Office of Communications & Marketing is excited to offer Ohio Northern University-branded templates for members of campus to use with their internal projects. Anything external-facing should still go through our office, but if you are working on flyers, posters or event brochures for internal purposes, please check out our templates.

To download these templates, visit and login with your ONU email username and password.

You will find templates for the following categories:

  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Brochures
  • Syllabus

What’s the process for using templates?

  1. Choose the template that best fits your need. All templates are in Word and PowerPoint format for ease of use. Click the link to download.
  2. Please refer to the ONU Style Guide and Proofing Guidelines for all content/copy.
  3. If you need an official ONU logo, please make a request.
  4. If you need any photos for your project, please access images on ONU’s p:drive in the Brand Template Photo Gallery folder (p:/photos/Brand Template Photo Gallery).
  5. Please refer to the following content guidelines to ensure that your materials have correct information. Review and follow the bullet point steps when creating content:
    • Phone numbers, emails and website addresses
    • Factual information and accuracy
    • Proper and official name of event location
    • Times and dates (does the day of week match the date?)
    • Names – spelling, major, degree and graduation year
    • Student class years and hometowns – consult the online directory
    • Use only single spaces between sentences
  6. Once your piece is completed, sign and send the Proofing Guidelines form along with the final version of your publication to your account executive for approval. If you don’t know who your account executive is, click here. Please build two or three days into your schedule for C&M to review and send comments.
  7. Once finalized, you can send your file, work request and C&M signoff sheet to Josh Crawford in printing services, which is located in the Business Services building.

File Prep Instructions for Printing:

Template print preparation –

To prepare the templates for Printing Services, the files need to be converted to a PDF in Press Quality file format.
To create a Press Quality PDF, choose “Print” from the “File” pull-down menu. On the bottom left of the dialog box, select “PDF,” “Save as Adobe PDF” and then choose “Press Quality.”
Email the press quality PDF file with a Work Request to The Work Request is available on the Printing Services website. A Work Request is required for each production order.

Press proof – Printing Services will issue a press proof for each printing job. This press proof must be approved and signed before the production of the job. This press proof is for review of color imaging, paper stock, quantities and final production specifications based on the Work Request provided.

Helpful tips – ONU’s digital printing equipment tends to print photography darker than what appears on your computer screen.

Template fonts – The fonts used are Rockwell and Arial.

Document bleed – Templates are specified without bleeds.


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