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International Employment Resources

Polar Careers has compiled post-graduation employment resources below to help you in your job search if you would like to 1) stay in the U.S. after graduation or 2) seek employment opportunities internationally. Additionally, see the resources at the bottom of this page which can be downloaded for your use. Contact Polar Careers for more more career-related advice and assistance.
Founded by immigrants, this is a data center and community that provides employment information. You can use the site to find out what employers have a history of hiring international students.

Using, look under the selection for the 2012 H1B Visa Report; you can view the top 100 H1B sponsors. One would assume that those who have previously been open to sponsorship will continue to do so.

The same site also has a searchable database at If you type an employer’s name into the employer name field, you should find how many H1B visas they sponsored by year.
American firms and their locations in other countries and firms based in other countries with locations in the United States.
This list of firms includes American companies that have a substantial investment in overseas operations - wholly or partially owned. Searching the Uniworld database is designed to be simple.
Foreign companies listed have a substantial investment in American operations, wholly or partially owned subsidiary, affiliate or branch.
A premier resource of comprehensive information for newcomers to the U.S.
These sites have Access databases that you can download that include data from companies in the U.S. that filed for H1-B visas.  These databases have an enormous amount of data in them, so they take some sifting to go through.  But, you can sort by location, employer, etc.  If you are a little familiar with Access, you can also perform queries to get at certain data (i.e., employers in certain states or cities).
Fortune Magazine's "Best 100 Companies to Work For"
Jobline International
These sites allow you to pull data that indicates whether a company has hired FI visas and applied for the H1B for them.  Shows position and pay as well. Look at companies who have attempted to sponsor in the past.  Once you have downloaded the Access database, you can then filter the results by job title or location depending on the preference of the student. 

Foreign Embassies
Contact your embassy to get a list of ex-pats who are in this country and contact them for assistance. Another source is a religious entity associated with your culture here in the U.S.
This website provides a list of the companies that have applied for H1B visas in the past:  Search by year, by company, by geographic region etc. Resulting lists show the company, job title and starting salary (which can be helpful for all job seekers). This list is no guarantee that the company will sponsor again but it can be a good place to start.
American Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Directory of American companies and individuals doing business in a particular country, as well as firms and individuals of that country that operate in the United States.
Going Global has a visa section listing employers who have sponsored international candidates.
Below is the result of a search for “H1-B” on MyWorldAbroad. Two of these resources provide “free” H1-B listings, and another offers a no-nonsense guide to finding employment in the U.S. as a foreign national.

MyWorldAbroad uses a “universal approach” to international job hunting that applies to both U.S. students and international students. You can review more details about this approach in "Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work".  NOTE: This guide is not for re-circulation however, please feel free to access it for your personal review. is The Career Network, focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally. By connecting job seekers and employers through 75 unique career channels and more than 1,000 industry and regional communities, we are changing the way job searching is done and helping people build relationships around the world. 

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