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For the past 20 years, Ohio Northern University has strived to collect the employment/graduate school data for 90+ percent of the students comprising the most recent graduating class. This is accomplished through pre-graduation surveys, emails prior to and post-commencement, communications with student advisors, department chairs and faculty who keep in contact with the students, along with personal phone calls to the graduates.

Polar Careers tracks and compiles the data by college/department/major and considers them "placed" if the graduate reports being satisfactorily employed, in graduate/professional school, in the military, in pharmacy residency, or has returned to their home country. These results are updated and reported at commencement, at three months following commencement, and again at six months following commencement.

Class Participation rate   Placement Rate 
2016 98% 94%
2015 98%   93%
2014 97% 95%
2013 96%  94%
2012 93% 92%
2011 91% 94%
2010 91%  93%

Polar Careers

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