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Parking and Permits


  1. Parking permits will be available for purchase online beginning July 6, 2016.                                               

  2. No student vehicle may be parked anywhere on campus, unless the vehicle has been properly registered and a valid permit has been obtained.

  3. The parking fee for each vehicle is $65 per academic year or $40 per semester. Commuter students may obtain additional permits for $10 each.

  4. Resident students are permitted to obtain only one parking permit and have only one vehicle on campus.

  5. Please bring some form of photo ID. Parking permits will not be mailed.

  6. All permits must be purchased through the ONU Parking Portal. Click on "Purchase a Permit" below to purchase your permit now.

  7. Parking Permits 2016: Permits will be available for pickup at McIntosh Center on Aug. 18 and 19 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day. Beginning Aug. 22, permits will be available  for pickup in the ONU Campus Security Office located at 211 South Union Street, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Watch your email for updates and instructions.

Zone Parking

Three parking zones are available for resident students and are assigned based on their housing assignments.

    • ​This zone consists of three lots for resident parking at Stambaugh, Clark and Lincoln lots. All lots are designated with a
      YELLOW sign to match the East Zone permit, which is also YELLOW.
    • This zone also consists of three lots for resident parking at Biggs, West Circle and 5up lots. All lots are designated with a
      RED sign to match WEST ZONE permit, which is also RED.
    • This zone consists of several lots for resident parking at University Place, Bear East, Affinity, Stadiumview and Lakeview lots. All lots are designated with a GREEN sign to match the South Zone permit, which is also GREEN.
    • Commuters have multiple lots in which to park in. All the commuter lots are designated with a LIGHT BLUE sign to match the COMMUTER permit.