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Information Technology Purchasing Upgrade & Repair Policy

Faculty and Staff Computer/Printer Resources

To facilitate improved asset management and the cost‐saving benefits of group purchasing, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will procure all information technology (IT) for the University, including software, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers and other peripheral equipment (e.g., external storage devices, monitors, scanners, document cameras, etc.) exceeding $25. No departmental operating monies outside OIT—including credit card purchases or personal reimbursement—may be used to purchase software, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers or other computer peripherals costing more than $25. OIT’s budget will provide faculty and staff with one primary computing device (a desktop PC, laptop or Tablet) and network printing resources. These computing resources will be provided to faculty and staff in the most cost‐effective manner possible, including the reuse and repurposing of refurbished equipment. OIT will procure new equipment consistent with this policy for faculty new to the university. If the new faculty member is replacing a departing faculty member (rather than assuming an entirely new position) the primary computing device assigned to the individual formerly in that position will go back to OIT for redeployment elsewhere.

OIT, in collaboration with Deans and the heads of departments and offices will also manage the lifecycle replacement of the primary computing device assigned to each faculty and staff member. This lifecycle will be dependent on relative needs and the performance of existing equipment.

IT purchases beyond the one primary computing device provided to faculty and staff will be procured by OIT after budget transfers from the requesting college, department or office equal to the amount of the requested equipment or software are received by OIT. OIT will work with offices throughout campus to secure the best pricing possible before budget transfers take place. Requests by faculty and staff for additional or upgraded desktop computers, laptops or printers must go through department chairs or office directors before being sent to the Office of Information Technology.

All IT purchases must be approved by the appropriate dean, departmental chair or vice‐president by filling out the IT Procurement form on the IT website and approved by the Director of Information Technology.

Repairs and Upgrades

All repairs and upgrades to computers and peripheral hardware will be managed by OIT. Costs associated with repairs for the primary computing device provided by OIT to faculty and staff will be OIT’s financial responsibility. Costs associated with non‐warranty repairs and upgrades to technologies procured through budget transfers to OIT will be the responsibility of the colleges, departments or offices from which those requests originated. OIT will facilitate the repair of technologies procured through budget transfers only after individuals with fiscal responsibility for the college, department or office approve budget transfers for these costs.

Printing supplies (toner and paper) and maintenance on projectors, screens and attached devices are the responsibility of the academic departments.

Academic Computer Labs and Classrooms

Replacement of academic lab and classroom computers and printers will be funded through departmental capital budgets and procured through the Office of Information Technology. Requests for lab replacement computers and printers must be submitted by academic units in accordance with guidelines for all capital budget requests. The cost of repairs to computers in academic computer labs will be borne by OIT. Used computers and printers taken out of academic labs will be repurposed by Information Technology for general University needs.

Surplus Property and Asset-Control Policy

Purchasing is responsible for the disposition of property deemed surplus by University departments. All items that become surplus must be brought to the attention of the Office of Purchasing Department for proper handling. An attempt will first be made to utilize the surplus items in another University department. If it is determined that the items will be of no further use to the University, the Office of Purchasing will either offer these items for sale at auction or dispose of them. In either case, proper changes to departmental asset inventories will be made.

Departments should notify the Office of Purchasing whenever items become surplus for possible placement in other areas or the next scheduled auction. Please contact the Office of Purchasing to find out what items are currently designated as surplus or when the next auction is scheduled to occur.

Deans, chairs and directors are authorized to declare that property in their area(s) of responsibility is surplus and/or no longer usable.


Purchasing will schedule auctions on an as needed basis with a minimum of once yearly. All University employees and the public are invited to the auctions. No sale of University property will be made, without prior approval, to University employees or other individuals except through the public auctions or other advertised sales.

Departments having unique surplus items with limited markets should contact the Office of Purchasing to arrange special solicitations.

Proceeds from the auction will be allocated back to the department's equipment account.

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