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Student Organizations


Alpha Mu Alpha
An honor society to promote the advancement of excellence in the field of marketing and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in marketing subjects. Membership is available to students who attend a school having an established AMA collegiate chapter and/or attend an accredited AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business) institution. The appropriate faculty advisor nominates marketing students who meet the academic standards approved by the AMA Board of Directors. The nominees are required to be the undergraduate senior marketing students with the top 10 percent grade point averages (GPA) at the school graduating within the academic year.

Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for financial information students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility.

Beta Gamma Sigma
The mission of the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to foster personal and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society and to serve its lifelong members.

Omicron Delta Epsilon
Omicron Delta Epsilon is an international honor society in economics. Eligibility for membership requires a 3.0 GPA or better.

Sigma Iota Epsilon
Sigma Iota Epsilon is the honorary and professional management fraternity of the Academy of Management. Sigma Iota Epsilon is both an honorary and professional fraternity. Its general purpose is twofold: to encourage and recognize scholastic excellence and to promote cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management.

Selection of new members - Candidates for undergraduate degrees in management may be elected to membership if they have: (a) attained a GPA of at least 3.0 on all work taken at the institution; (b) completed at least 30 semester  hours (45 quarter hours)of work at that institution; (c) completed a minimum of one management-prefix course with a grade of B or better; and (d) stated their interest of continuing in the management curriculum by taking at least one more management-prefix course. Winter initiation of new members takes place in January.


Professional Organizations

American Marketing Association (AMA)
This association is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association known as the Student American Marketing Association at Ohio Northern University, organized for the mutual benefit of students interested in the field of marketing.

Northern Entrepreneurship Organization (NEO)
This association is a collegiate chapter of NEO. Over the last decade, NEO has helped thousands of student entrepreneurs gain the opportunities and resources to inform, support and inspire them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.   

DCBA Dean's Advisory Council
The Dean’s Advisory Council is a group of student representatives who strive to improve the Dicke College of Business Administration through proactive leadership, organized teamwork, and dynamic communication with students and faculty in a manner that reflects the integrity of the college and Ohio Northern University. The council consists of four DCBA students from each undergraduate class.
Dean of the DCBA: Dr. John C. Navin
Selection of new members. All freshmen are encouraged to apply for four open spots through an application and interview process. Candidates are elected by the Dicke College of Business Administration majors. Once selected, members remain on the board for their four years at ONU.

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
We provide a dynamic forum for management accounting and finance professionals to develop and advance their careers through certification, research and practice development, education, networking and the advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.

ONU Healthcare Business Professionals
The Healthcare Business Professionals serves to help members explore all aspects of business in the healthcare sector with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry. Students of any major are welcome to be a member of the organization. We seek to provide members with knowledge of various aspects and career opportunities in healthcare as well as to maintain working relationships with professionals in the industry.

Polar Merchandise
Polar Merchandise is Ohio Northern's first and only entirely student run business. Polar has resided in the Dicke College providing promotional products and custom merchandise to both Ohio Northern Organizations and businesses in the Midwest since 2010. 
Recently Polar has totally renovated its business model significantly reducing price and improving customer service.  As of April 2014 Polar Merchandise became an authorized dealer of Kaeser and Blair which has allowed us to reduce pricing to at or below industry standard.

Society for Advancement of Management (SAM)
The mission of SAM is to provide an opportunity for the members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance and leadership ability. SAM is open to all ONU students.

Society for Human Resources Management
The Society for Human Resources Management is the largest organization in the world completely dedicated to Human Resources Management.  SHRM was founded in 1948 and has over 275,000 members in 160 countries.  SHRM is responsible for providing resources to HR professionals and developing their skills throughout their careers. 

Student Investment Group (SIG)
The Student Investment Group was created in 1989 to help students learn how to invest by managing a portfolio. The primary mission is to meet our benchmark, the Standard & Poor's 500. We attempt to achieve this goal by meeting two objectives: learning about stock investment through research/analysis/discussion and maintaining a diverse portfolio.

Selection of New Members – The Student Investment Group consists of nine to eleven members, all senior and junior business students. Each fall invitations to apply are sent to all juniors holding a 3.25 or above GPA. Members are then selected based on their application and an interview.

College of Business Administration

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