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Learning Outcomes

Dicke College Mission Statement

Develop business leaders who are ethical, entrepreneurial and professional.

BSBA Program Outcomes

Leaders Who Are (Characteristics)

Leaders Who Demonstrate






Convey messages that are truthful, objective, unbiased, and properly attributed.

Communicate an appropriate value proposition effectively.

Generate concise, effective business communications using appropriate technologies and channels.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Evaluate issues and recommend ethical solutions while considering key stakeholder perspectives.

Select, implement, and evaluate the success and/or failure of an appropriate value proposition.

Generate an appropriate problem statement and multiple solutions. Evaluate and recommend the most appropriate solution.


Provide objective and unbiased constructive feedback to improve performance of self, teammates, and overall team.

Contribute effectively within diverse groups and with key stakeholders towards realizing an innovative value proposition.

Develop and implement effective strategies to achieve a commonly-agreed -upon goal by engaging in collective decision making through the use of appropriate technologies and channels.

Disciplinary Knowledge

Determine and apply relevant discipline-specific ethical issues and professional standards.

Generate innovative solutions to contemporary issues using appropriate discipline-specific concepts.

Apply concepts, theories, and tools from discipline-specific business areas to facilitate business decision making in a global context.


Serve the ONU, local, and broader communities with integrity.

Generate and implement innovative solutions to social and organizational issues.

Provide leadership in professional and other organizations.

MSA Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MSA program, graduates should be able to:

  1. Seek further professional growth through advanced career and certification optionsĀ 
  2. Research, analyze, integrate and communicate complex information through the use of technology in order to facilitate a higher level of management decision-making
  3. Apply sophisticated analytical, creative and critical thinking to enhance their independent problem-solving skills
  4. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge in areas of forensic accounting and auditing

College of Business Administration

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